Aboriginal Tourism
May 24, 2019 12:30 PM
Robert Taylor
Aboriginal Tourism

Aboriginal tourism is tracking strong growth of demand from domestic and international visitors and is undervalued with only $250k per year allocated to marketing, out of a $45m a year state tourism budget. The economic growth in jobs and social outcomes that this untapped segment can potentially deliver to the tourism industry is yet to be realized. Other challenges that affect the industry are the high airfares to regional and remote areas, access to land in National parks and reserves, salary costs for small businesses and seasonality in all areas of the state. Workers accommodation in remote areas also require improvement to help the industry grow along with better recognition of the industry in training.

The past 4 years WAITOC has been working hard on product development and to Date WAITOC has helped 49 businesses through the program, 39 of which were new emerging enterprises.  Surpassing the original target of 20 by over 100%.

The businesses within this program employ 104 full-time Equivalent Jobs with this year’s Tourism Council State tourism awards had a record number of Aboriginal Businesses participating, showing the growth of Aboriginal Business mentors across WA was definitely on the rise due to the support of WAITOC and its Business Development program.With Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours and Experiences winning the national gold medal.

Robert Taylor has spent most of his working life, (30 years), in the hospitality industry. Robert’s journey began in the kitchen as a chef and progressed to executive chef for ALH in 1999. In 2000 Robert and his partner went into hospitality property management and in 2003 formed a management company, Forte Hospitality, of which he has been a director for 14 years. Mr Taylor a Nhanda man is now the CEO for WAITOC. His business experience, and the knowledge he has gained during his time as the WAITOC Chair will be instrumental in ensuring that Aboriginal Tourism is seen for what it is, a unique point of difference for Australia in the global tourism market.

Robert supports and fosters industry collaboration and partnerships as a key driver of change and innovation.