A PATH of HOPE, from Western Australia to California and back again
Mar 15, 2019
Vocational Training team
A PATH of HOPE, from Western Australia to California and back again

Why Rotary is such a VITAL key to Break the cycle of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV)!

In the preparations for the final travel date to California a team of professionals in the space of FDV, would like:

  • YOU to be the FIRST ROTARIANS and Friends of Rotary, to hear their presentation!
  • The HOPEFUL story of the progress made in Western Australia in the space of FDV.
  • Respond to questions by MADDISON, a victim of Family and Domestic violence!
  • What progress has been made in Western Australia over the last 40 years in breaking the cycle of family and domestic violence (FDV)?
  • Where we are today?

Vocational Training Team:

Rotary Club of Perth and Rotary District 9455, Western Australia are championing their Rotary Project, Path of Hope, along with The Rotary Foundation. We hope that The Rotary Foundation will support Path of Hope to send a Vocational Training Team to California.

The team of professionals were carefully selected. The team is made up of; a Police Sergeant, a Policy Analysist, a Mediator and Lawyer, a Salvation Army officer, a Homeless Service Manager and a Project Manager specialising in assisting high risk vulnerable people and a Team leader. All the team members specialise in the field of Family and Domestic violence in Western Australia. In California, the team will meet with other experts in their fields and knowledge sharing will take place, benefitting both countries and teams.

This is an unique opportunity to meet, face to face, the Vocational Training Team of Experts from Western Australia, to CONNECT, KNOWEDGE SHARE and COLLABORATE!