Vienna Pops and Rotary of Perth supporting Cambodian Charities
All funds raised by Vienna Pops this year will go to charities providing housing, water, sanitation and anti-slavery programmes in Cambodia.
Information on these worthy causes can be found below.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more or get involved with these life changing organisations.
Hagar Cambodia
Hagar restores to wholeness the lives of women and children that have been torn apart by human rights abuse.
At Hagar we are committed to the Whole Journey. The whole journey starts with a survivor, an individual who has experienced severe trauma as a result of slavery, trafficking, or abuse. From the moment that individual enters our care, we work with them to assess what their needs are, and offer a full range of intensive and individualized services.
We rebuild trust and resilience. We can provide a safe place to live, counselling, case management services, legal support, education and economic empowerment. We create opportunities to ensure that the individual is not simply surviving, but thriving.
The whole journey encapsulates each step taken by each survivor towards healing. It our goal is an individual who is a champion for change in their own life and the community.
Tabitha Australia House Building Programme
Tabitha asks for $A2000 in donations for each house to be built. This donation covers the cost of a house , a water source and the balance goes to supporting families on the Tabitha Savings and Family Partnerships program. Some donors provide funds for a house. Many other supporters help raise funds for a house and volunteer to help build the houses.
Many House Building Volunteer Teams travel from Australia and other countries to Cambodia each year to build Houses for poor rural Cambodians. Volunteers now build over 1,000 houses each year with Tabitha Foundation Cambodia.
As well as being able to make a real difference in the lives of the Cambodian poor many volunteers often describe House Building with Tabitha as the experience of a lifetime for them. Also the impact of volunteer building teams on poor rural Cambodian families is life changing.
Cambodia Family Support
The people in Cambodia’s northwest are desperately trying to rebuild their community.
The brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge left many scars, including serious poverty. Poor families are vulnerable to the threat of human trafficking across the nearby Thai border.
It’s why our community-led program needs your help.
Your donation will greatly assist in rebuilding and sustaining families and small villages.Together, we can help them break the cycle of poverty once and for all.
Cambodia Family Support (CFS) is a registered Cambodian non-profit organisation, founded in 2008.
The organisation is run by Cambodians for Cambodians. It works among the rural poor in Battambang province, and more recently, Pailin province, using a holistic approach to poverty reduction.
Sister organisations in Australia (CFSA) and the USA (CFSUSA) help raise awareness and funding, and provide some technical assistance on a totally voluntary basis.