Perth: A soft target for drugs
Aug 18, 2017
Peter Lyndon-James
Perth: A soft target for drugs

Friday 18th August



12:30 PM 

Parmelia Hilton Hotel
14 Mill St.
Perth, Western Australia

Perth: A soft target for drugs

Peter Lyndon-James Founder of SHALOM HOUSE

The story of an amazing man's personal journey, of crime, drug abuse, and his rehabilitation culminating in and the foundation of Shalom House.

Securing some $5 million from the WA State Government, his pursuit of a dream & personal resolve to help men who by chance and or misfortune embark on life changing decisions. Resulting often in personal and family devastation to "hit a wall" and then recover.

How, who, when and where do they get help?

Inspiration and hope is provided to these men through the efforts of Peter and his team at Shalom House.

Peter became one of the 2017 Telstra Business Award winners.

He will present a short video and multiple stories on the insidious and pervasive effect meth amphetamines and other drugs are having on our community and why our city and our people are regarded as a soft target's for drug use and abuse.