Eat, Drink, Think - Cooking…it’s basically science
Nov 17, 2017 12:15 PM
Emma Donnelly
Eat, Drink, Think - Cooking…it’s basically science

In the information rich and fast pace world we’re in, how do you know what to believe and what is spin? Especially when it comes to food and diet? Multinationals use a range of techniques to fight for our hard earned consumer dollar.

In this interactive presentation Emma will start with the basics of taste and move into cutting edge science around flavour perception and psychology (known as neurogastronomy and gastrophyscis).

You’ll never look at food the same way.




About Emma

Twitter: @em_sci

Starting her life as the daughter of two science teachers was always going to end with Emma working in Science Communication. She just didn’t know it at the time. With over 17 years of Science Communication and Science Education experience under her belt, Emma has worked for not-for profit science centres like Scitech, run national programs for CSIRO Education, started a digital Planetarium, taught people to fish sustainably and worked at several universities, most recently at Curtin University as Science Outreach Manager. In this role her programs were finalists and won several science awards including the WA Premier’s Science Award, BHERT, iAwards and most recently a Eureka Prize.

She’s a seasoned presenter and trainer. She’s worked on radio and TV. But most recently she’s moved into the field of science and food and has started Culinary Science. A business focussed on science communication around food, cooking and nutrition. This came about after representing Western Australia in 2012 on My Kitchen Rules. Since MKR she’s self-published a mini-cookbook Eat, Drink, Think – recipes for the evidence based cook and is now writing her second.