May 03, 2019 12:30 AM
Project Spotlight - Rotary Path to Peace

Earlybird bookings  by COB Tuesday 30th April 2019


The Rotary Club of Perth requests the pleasure of your company at lunch, Friday 3rd May to learn about the Rotary Path to Peace Project.


UNAAWA is a strong supporter of this new Rotary Project, including being the first to provide a letter of support and making the project a feature of its International Day of Peace in September 2018.


Rotary’s Number 1 Area of Focus is “Peace, and Conflict Prevention/Resolution” so it is appropriate that a means be found to challenge everyone with the question “what are you going to do to reduce violence?” The context is reducing violence in any of its forms from domestic violence to war.  The project provides a mechanism for informing people what Rotary and a number of other organisations are already doing to promote peace, then challenges the participant “what will you do?”  The mechanism can be easily updated with new ideas, and once established in Perth can be replicated in many other towns round Australia and other countries.  Hear the details and challenge the speaker with your questions on 3 May