My Senior Gap Year
Oct 26, 2018 12:30 PM
Chris Hermann
My Senior Gap Year

My Senior Gap Year is a story more than just travel. But about a Rotarian who discovered an opportunity in the middle of the desert that kickstarted an international Rotary project. Worth around half million dollars, charities in Western Australia and around the world continue to benefit from this project.

The story starts with the liberating feeling of escaping from the normal routines of life. From living in the heart of an ancient city in Spain to the freedom of backpacking from one country to another. They said it was dangerous. But we go anyway. Through Central America, South America and up through South East Asia. All up, 23 countries, 122 places of abode.

But first there was dealing with fear. That Mr Logic voice in the head that said it's much safer to stay home. What for 12 months? Going on your own? Nah, you're too old. And on they go. But we face those fears. And we challenge ourselves along the way. If it feels uncomfortable, we do it. Not to take risks. But to discover, had we not, we would have missed out on an amazing and exciting journey.

Chris Herrmann has a background in corporate management and the founder of a small business technology start up. He has been an active member of the Mill Point Rotary Club. Nearing the age when most start thinking about retiring, Chris Herrmann took a different direction. With no desire to retire, he took a Gap Year. A Senior Gap Year. Intentionally, he set off to do the exact opposite to his professional and business past. No structure. No goals. To be free and just explore. Equipped with a new title, a Senior Gap Year Specialist, his next vision is to encourage more people of his age to do similar!