“A cool look at global warming – applying the 4-way test”
May 17, 2019 12:30 PM
Dr Jaap Poll
“A cool look at global warming – applying the 4-way test”

The Climate conversation has been hijacked – we are either “believers” or “deniers”, while most of us don’t know what there is to believe or deny.  Most politicians believe that we can control global warming by emitting less CO2 – is this so? Should we deny India our cleaner coal than the coal they use?  Does rise in CO2 give rise to warming or is it the other way around. As a Geoscientist I want to talk about the past to understand the present.


Jaap Poll was born in the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia and as a toddler, was interned with his family in a Japanese prison camp. Jaap completed High School and University in Holland. Jaap has a PhD in Structural Geology and joined Shell. He worked and lived in Central America, the Middle East and Europe before arriving in Melbourne in 1969. When Shell wanted to transfer Jaap to Nigeria, he joined Woodside in 1973.

In 1980 Jaap and family moved to Perth and has worked in Australia, PNG, Thailand, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina, Italy, Russia, the North Sea and the last 16 years extensively in Turkey.

Jaap acquired degrees in Arbitration and Mediation from the UNI of Adelaide and has been an active Rotarian since 1992 in PNG. He has been President 3 times in different Rotary Clubs. His hobby is researching climate change through the eyes of a Geoscientist for the last 10+ years