Beating Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens
Aug 17, 2018 12:30 PM
Dr Graham Melrose - Chairman Recce Pharmaceuticals
Beating Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens

There have been no new classes of human antibiotics developed in over 30 years, resulting in deadly superbug outbreaks with no new medicines to stop it! Recce Pharmaceuticals has developed a whole new class of synthetic antibiotics to tackle that threat. Our lead compound, RECCE® 327, has undergone rigorous Safety and Efficacy studies according to FDA standards and shown to demonstrate positive activity against a broad range of Multi-Drug Resistant Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial infections – including their superbug forms.

Dr Graham Melrose
Recce Pharmaceuticals - Executive Chairman & Chief Research Officer
BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, FRACI, CChem, FAICD

Founder of Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:RCE) and inventor of RECCE® antibiotics - a new class of broad spectrum antibiotic technology tackling the global health threat of antibiotic resistance (superbugs).

Dr Melrose founded Chemeq Ltd and under his leadership and R&D direction, the company achieved over a three-year period the top capital gain of all companies listed on the ASX, and an average market capitalisation of approximately $500 million before his (previous) retirement.

Dr Melrose was the former Executive Director and Chief Research Executive of Johnson & Johnson (Aust) Pty Ltd in Sydney, with global responsibilities, particularly in the Asia-Pacific Region. He also established and operated for some 10 years, an industry-leading marketing consultancy firm and former senior academic in the University of NSW’s Department of Applied Organic Chemistry; visiting research scientist at Oxford University and Munich University.=