From Kolkata Slum to Masters in Business & Beyond
Nov 16, 2018 12:30 PM
Jane' Alam Sheikh - Compassion UK
From Kolkata Slum to Masters in Business & Beyond

Jane’ Alam Sheikh grew up in the slums of Kolkata, India. Along with his parents and sister, he shared two toilets and one tap with 10,000 other people who were living in the slum community. As a young boy, Jane’ saw people starving and suffering.
When he was registered into the local Compassion child development centre, life changed for Jane’. Every day at the centre he would receive a nutritious meal and life skills training. He became the first person in his community to go to school. 
Jane’ furthered his studies at university and, in 2014, graduated from Manchester University with a Masters in Business Administration. Jane’ has since co-founded Pursuit International, an organisation working to empower people restricted by physical and spiritual poverty to pursue a life of hope and purpose.