Sep 21, 2018 12:30 PM
Tanya Finnie - RedHead Communications

Cultivate Cross Cultural Skills – Ethnic and Organisational

In our globally diverse workplace more than just emotional intelligence is needed to lead. Understand how perceptions of different cultures shape interactions with others. Come and hear why culture matters and how you can use it to increase wellbeing of staff and ROI. It is obvious that culture shapes work lives and personal lives, but how can you build a winning culture? Get an overview of the role culture plays in leadership and come and grow your CQ.

Tanya Finnie is a global cultural strategist with expertise in building meaningful corporate relationships through diversity and inclusion. Tanya has valuable global experience. She assists organisations in growing their human capital and increasing their cultural intelligence through professional speaking and consulting. She is also a proud Early Adopter member of Conscious Capitalism, a certified Global Goodwill Ambassador and was voted as one of Perth’s Top 100 Small Business Influencers in 2016.

Tanya creates custom executive development programs, specifically focused on high-performance culture to provide individuals and organisations with a competitive advantage and creative solutions. Whether a workplace is experiencing a diversity of cultures, gender differences, generational challenges or merely language barriers between organisational departments, Tanya is the right person to call.

Social impact within corporate structures is close to her heart. She brings people together through rapport building and growing their collective cultural intelligence, which has a huge impact on wellbeing of individuals and teams.

Qualifications and Associations

Graduate Diploma in Learning and Development l Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management l   Accredited Advanced CQ Facilitator l Advanced DISC Facilitator l Public Speaking Diploma l Coaching Diploma l Training and Assessment Diploma l Leadership Diploma l Frontline Management Diploma  l  Human Resources Diploma l Professional Speakers Association Australia Member l Toastmasters International l Conscious Capitalism Early Adopter l Member of Global Institute of Training and Presenting (GITP) l Certified Expert Presenter (CEP) l Chair United Nations Human Rights Committee