Blessing of the Fleet 2021
Oct 29, 2021 4:15 PM
Larry Hirsch | Past Commodore, IYFR
Blessing of the Fleet 2021

Your Personal Invitation to this Fun Annual Event from our club's President John:

I gently remind you of the Blessing of the Fleet on Friday 29 October, now but a short two weeks and something away.  (Please remember, there will be no lunch meeting on this day)

This Event is one of the highlights of the Rotary Year.  It is renowned for its annual Plethora of Untoward Incidents.  Ulrich astonished us all with the ease with which he walked on water, thereby giving a pretty good impression of an earlier account from the First Century. Larry has driven his catamaran into a wharf, Ivan has got lost, Jeff has sailed into a canoe full of tourists and, like the true gentleman he is, rescued them all.  Sign on now by clicking on this link - and letting us know if you would like to be picked up from the South of Perth Yacht Club at Applecross or the Flying Squadron  Yacht Club at Nedlands?  

We would hate to revert to those laudable 18th century tactics and send out a press gang to help you understand the benefits of voluntary enlistment.

Perth Waters, Swan River

Friday 29th October 2021 

4:15pm to 8:00pm 

 Please bring a plate of food to share; your drinks and $10 per head for fuel.

Trybooking Link:   

You must Book via trybooking link, as it is essential we have exact attendance numbers and where you wish to meet the fleet: the South of Perth Yacht Club at Applecross or the Flying Squadron  Yacht Club at Nedlands so that you don't miss out.

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