Sep 09, 2022 12:30 PM
Mark Waite | CEO Youth Futures
Making a Real Difference

The presentation will provide an overview of some of Youth Futures core services:

  • How we have developed a sustainable service ecosystem that enables a truly holistic model of support to young people.
  • Our plans to continue to grow our service ecosystem to prevent more young people falling through the gaps will be discussed.
  • How we prevent homelessness through education and the benefits of having a captive audience for 25-30 hours a week.
  • What we believe are key criteria for successfully helping and empowering young people will be highlighted, all of which are embedded across Youth Futures.

Mark has worked in and been committed to the youth and community sector for 35 years. He has worked in a variety of youth sectors including, education, Indigenous youth, juvenile offenders, mental health, drug and alcohol and homelessness.

Mark studied a Bachelor of Social Science (YWK & PSY), a Diploma in Drug and Alcohol, a Diploma in Business Management and has 30 years management experience in the youth/community and education sectors.

He is an experienced Chief Executive Officer and Company Director with a demonstrated history in executive management.

Mark is skilled in organisational development, strategic planning, business growth and financial management. He has an ability to think outside the box, a synthesizing problem solver and a brave decision maker. Further, he is a thinker, a doer, a make it happen leader with the ability to grow and develop an organisation in the short term, and delivering on long term strategic visions.

Overall, Mark is a professional ethics driven leader, filled with a passion to help young people overcome adversity and realize the possibilities are endless. 


Perth Rotary Luncheon | Mark Waite |  CEO Youth Futures

Making A Real Difference

The Parmelia Hilton Hotel | 14 Mill Street St, Perth

Friday 9th September 2022

$50 per person

12:30pm for 12:45pm start till 2pm

Tickets via Trybooking: TBA

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