5 Steps to Better Hearing
Apr 20, 2018 12:30 PM
Dr. Daniel Lombardo
5 Steps to Better Hearing

Dr. Daniel Lombardo will be presenting the 5 Steps to Better Hearing presentation. This will take Rotarians on a journey through Telethon Speech & Hearing’s humble beginnings, the early intervention services for children who suffer from a hearing loss or speech delay and the 5 simple steps that can be implemented by adults if they suffer from a suspected hearing loss.

Dr. Daniel Lombardo is the Business Development Manager from Telethon Speech & Hearing. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry where he won countless awards during his post-graduate studies including the Dean’s Prize, the Vice Chancellor’s list (top 1% of graduates) and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Prize. Despite the knowledge that he acquired during his chemistry studies, he decided to undertake a career change which would be more fulfilling and meaningful. As a former Rotarian for the Canning Bridge Rotary Club, Daniel became passionate about contributing to those who required on-going support. He is now responsible for generating referrals for Telethon Speech & Hearing’s early intervention programs and establishing corporate partnerships that will establish scholarship funds for families experiencing financial hardships.