Cambodia Family Support (CFS)

June 2023 Update for Rotary Club of Perth

We continue to be grateful for Rotary Club of Perth’s sponsorship (since 2008!)

Here are some of the ways you have contributed to improving the lives of rural poor families in Cambodia over the past 11 months. (Donations made via RAWCS helped to make these achievements possible.)

  • 6 villages have a new community water source

  • 13 new village self-help groups are established

  • 91 families received a latrine

  • 185 families received a large (1800L) rain-water collection jar

  • 2 government schools now have a handwashing facility

  • 17 families received housing assistance

  • 75 families received emergency assistance

  • 105 families received income generation assistance

  • 55 families received a calf – 42 calves from cows that had been donated to other

    families (animal bank)

  • 35 families received piglets & 20 families received kid goats– passed on from other

    families (animal bank)

  • 262 vulnerable women and children received crisis care at the Palin Family Center

  • 12,500 school children and villagers learned good sanitation & hygiene practices

    There are many worthy causes to support, so we thank our club and members for choosing to help CFS (Family Support Project, Battambang, Cambodia). 

Helen and Vincent Keane.

Link to RAWCS donation page