Posted on Dec 03, 2019
Fellow Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary,
Last Friday we didn’t have a meeting and instead we gathered at Steve’s Bar, Nedlands to welcome the festive season with a glass of wine and good fellowship.
I understand that travelling to the Western suburbs may not be easy for some members but before entering December, a month full of important Rotary meetings, that was an opportunity to unwind and relax before “the storm”. Among those who were with us it was great to see our District Governor Graham Peden with Sue Peden, Past President John and Pat Garland, Past President Jeff and Helen Leach, Giuseppe Pantano and other Rotary and non-Rotary friends. 
Being Rotarians, we always look for the opportunity to put some Rotary flair to every social event and last Friday we had a great opportunity to do that.
Only a few metres away from Steve’s Bar is the Uniting Church where Past President Wesley Sim had organised the “Ping Pong -a – thon”. This is a table tennis marathon and fund raiser at the same time, in support of the victims of trafficking. So, after our fellowship time at Steve’s we walked to the Uniting Church where we found the church building full of youth and energy! Although the time was quite late, every room in the church building was full of happy faces of younger or older children who were reading books, talking, playing board games and of course the main church room had table tennis tables, surrounded by happy young athletes who were playing in this long marathon. Among those participating there was a table for our Rotary Youth Exchange students and of course our very own Laura was there too, playing.
Laura and the Club Secretary Darren Perera were at Foodbank WA last week, packing food boxes for families that cannot afford a meal this Xmas. Along with other volunteers, the team managed to get 1000 boxes done in about 3 hours! Well done to all!
At this point I must highlight some very important dates of December for your diaries:
This Friday 6/12 we have our formal Rotary lunch at the Parmelia Hilton with Guest Speaker Dr Jean-Pierre Macquart. Jean Pierre is the principal investigator of the team that uses the Australian SKA Pathfinder to study the bright millisecond-timescale flashes known as fast radio bursts.  He spends inordinate amounts of time grappling with their baffling properties and using them as cosmic weigh stations to examine the vast reservoir of matter that exists in between galaxies.
Friday 13/12 is a meeting that shouldn’t be missed by any member. In our formal Rotary Luncheon we will have the President of Rotary Club Melbourne Kevin Sheehan as Guest Speaker who will speak about the Centenary Anniversary of the Rotary Australia and New Zealand and the 2023 Rotary International Convention in Melbourne which will attract over 20,000 delegates and it will be the largest Conference secured this century for Victoria. 
To book for this important lunch please use the Trybooking link: Bookings close on Friday 6th of December.
Another reason for not missing that meeting is that this will be our inaugural luncheon at the Westin Perth, our new meeting venue for the new year. You will have the opportunity to meet Peter Brampton, the hotel manager who will welcome our Club and to explore the areas of this brand new hotel and of Hibernian Place, the modern plaza that won the Russel Perry Award for Urban Development Excellence at the Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards 2018 and is home to Westin Perth and numerous other venues.
Friday 20/12, Perth Rotary Christmas Breakfast. Like every year and this year more than ever, we will have Christmas carols and the Salvation Army Band. This is a family event and you are all invited to come with your children, grandchildren and friends.  Get your tickets now via trybooking:
New Year’s Eve Vienna Pops Matinee and New Year’s Gala Concert. The most elegant and inspirational New Year’s Eve event in Perth having the signature of Perth Rotary, available again in two performances: Matinee 2:00 – 3:00 pm and the Gala: 9:00– 12:15 pm. Get your tickets here:
One more year comes to an end with the most festive and celebrational atmosphere that only Perth Rotary knows how to create. Before you say goodbye and leave for your summer holidays and travels, be part of these events and support along with us all those in need.
Yours in Perth Rotary,
Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020