October Update | Sagar Badve Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) Exchange 
Perth Rotary Member, Sagar Badve, was successfully selected for the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP), not once, but twice!  
Promoting peace is one of Rotary’s main causes. The Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) is a unique program which aims to bring nations together.   Since 1946, Rotarians in Georgia, USA Rotary, have promoted world peace through understanding by offering scholarships to international students for one year of study at a Georgian university.
Georgia Rotary Clubs sponsor students recommended by a Rotary Club in their home country. The students become adopted members of a Georgia “host family,” living on-campus at the school they attend, and spending time with their host family on weekends and during holiday periods. This is an ambassadorial scholarship program. 
This month was characterized by authentic American experiences.  
  • The month started with a weekend in Chicago with a few friends. The weather was a perfect mix of sunshine, chilly Chicago air, and sporadic showers. The rain failed to dampen my mood as I spent my time exploring the city, practicing my golf swing near Lake Shore Drive, and rounding the trip off with some festivities on Saturday night near Wrigley Field. 
  • In true American fashion, I travelled back down to Peachtree City; this time I was put through the wringer while attempting to pass the informal U.S. citizenship test. This included shooting assault rifles, eating BBQ chicken, and driving motorcycles. I am rejoiced in sharing that I passed – official U.S. citizenship pending!
  • I further embraced my affinity for American culture by travelling into the deep south to Notasulga, Alabama for a wedding. It was an authentic insight into the diversity of cultures that the U.S. boasts. Surprisingly, it was much like other weddings I have attended, aside from me bellowing ‘roll tide roll’ during the iconic song: Sweet Home Alabama.
  • It may seem like it was all adventure, but I didn’t forget to stimulate my mind by attending a fantastic private speaker event at Emory University. It was focused on data, leadership, and innovation - continuing to both astonish me about the technological developments in Atlanta and remind me of the abundance of opportunities present.
  • A cocktail of both fun and work, the company I intern with, held a retreat in Douglasville, Georgia. I tried my hand at pumpkin carving; no photos were taken, and none were needed as a perfectly good pumpkin went to waste that day. More importantly, were the in-person interactions I had with such an accomplished group of individuals. These discussions forced me to look introspectively and consider my professional aspirations. As many of you may know, I have been wrestling with what I want my future to look like. It was an alleviating feeling then that I drafted a rough roadmap of what I aim to accomplish while in Atlanta, and beyond. I am only the slightest bit closer in determining what I aim to do, but I am closer, nonetheless.
I would love to hear about what’s new in your world and any recommendations you might have for me.