What time is it?! Newsletter time... (not 'game time' - reference for those that have watched the Last Dance)... now, where was I, newsletter time.
How are You! I hope doing well. Easter is around the corner, a lovely time to slow down from our fast paced lives and enjoy the Easter Break for what it means to you. 
I am well. Recently returned back from Singapore, had a little family holiday. A great time had. Time spent relaxing, sightseeing, good food and much more. I can happily say that Singapore coped very well with having both Taylor Swift and the President of the Rotary Club of Perth in country at the same time...I must say I saw a lot of people wearing t-shirts with Ms. Swifts face, did not see anyone wearing a t-shirt with my face...  
We have had great club lunches, our first this month was Bikers Against Child Abuse ('BACA') - they exist with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. Incredible to hear from them. 
... and then last Friday's lunch meeting where we celebrated International Women's Day ('IWD').  IWD was March 8, the theme for IWD 2024  - Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.  At our lunch we heard from Maxine Muir speak about her aunt Dame Dorothy Tangney. Wonderful to hear the stories shared and to see pictures that were taken. It was a privilege to listen about Dame Dorothy Tangney.    
Just to confuse you all, but in actual fact making it very simple. Yes, there is a meeting this coming Friday (22 March), titled - Youth Leading the Way. Join us for a very special panel discussion, celebrating some of our young people who are leading the way to a kinder future.  
Panel Chair will be Karin Cable. (Karin - who presented at our club not that long ago for our Chinese New Year celebration) - thank you Karin. On the panel will be, Michael Sheldrick, Michelle Scott and Dimitri Tsagalis. Shaping up to be a spectacular event. Book in... 
Switching gears now, with respect to The Regionalisation Pilot (remembering, the Pilot's main goal is to find ways to more effectively and efficiently support clubs increase impact, grow membership and adapt to changing volunteer needs and expectations).  Recently, the allocation of clubs to Rotary Community Groups were released.  The main principle of the groups was to scale up actively through collaboration. The full Rotary Community Group list can be seen on the https://creatingtomorrowrotary.org/community-groups website.
I have copied below our respective group. 
City Rotary
Elizabeth Quay
Freshwater Bay
Matilda Bay
Mosman Park
Perth Rotaract
Subiaco Rotaract
West Perth
Western Endeavour 
As this continues to unfold, we will be discussing this within our club obtaining member engagement on what we wish to do as a club, picking up from our member survey previously completed. 
Positions for Community Group Leaders are open for nomination, if you wish to nominate, please contact me. 
I shall leave it here, its getting a little late. My legs need to rest... I can sense your confusion, use your hands to type not legs (generally)... well, I have began riding my by bike (for the avoidance of doubt, non motorised, pure leg power) to work each day... the Thighs are a little tight this evening. I was met with a slight head wind on the way home. I'll share a thought I had, I can look at this one of two ways, a head wind OR, a direct flow of fresh air for intake, I focused on the latter :)   
Once again, I thank you all for the support that you show me and our club.
As always, any matter you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me by email here.
Keep well and hope to see you at a lunch, perhaps this coming Friday. 
Linken Fragomeli
President Perth Rotary Club 2023/24