Homeless Connect is in desperate need of donations for their Homeless Connect Day on the 13th of November.
During these economically difficult times, most of us can still manage to have a few niceties in life. Would you consider fresh new underwear or the availability of sanitary products niceties? Well there is a very large group of Western Australians who unfortunately do consider such items as luxury in their daily struggles.

Homeless Connect Perth is based on a one-stop-shop model of service provision to homeless people. They bring together business and community groups to provide free services to homeless people for a day.

Next Homeless Connect - Perth - 13th November 2019 - DONATION DELIVERY DETAILS

The Donations Collection Centre will be open each Tuesday and Wednesday, 10.00am – 3.00pm, from 17 September until 29 October. Please note donations cannot be accepted after this time.
Donations can be delivered to 5/30 Adams Drive, Welshpool. The warehouse is easily accessible and is located at the East Victoria Park end of Welshpool. There is ample parking close to the Donations Collection Centre.
You might also consider making a financial donation. A $10 donation will buy two guests a wholesome two-course hot lunch on the day. Visit our website to donate now.


For further information on Homeless Connect Perth - Contact Volunteering WA on 9482 4333 e: info@volunteeringwa.org.au
or visit https://homelessconnect.volunteeringwa.org.au/