Posted on Aug 13, 2020

Australian Rotary Health's commitment to Mental Health research is still progressing well, unabated, and luckily not greatly impacted by the tragic and challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

The podcasts that we are producing give great insight into the value of the research that YOU are supporting and have supported in the past. I understand that many of these podcasts have been circulated previously. However I thought it would be valuable to send the complete series, so far, especially for the benefit of our new members.
The links are below - and the last one is one of the best so far!!!
These are great resources for Clubs - to show to your members - as well as those outside of Rotary.
Many of our members have shared these with family and friends. The more that we can do to support each other - the better off we all are.
I hope that you find these as valuable as the Australian Rotary Health Board members do.
With very best wishes - take care and stay safe,
PDG Jerry Pilcher.
Australian Rotary Health Western Region Director.