Posted on Oct 11, 2021
We knew the visit of Senator Dean Smith last Friday would be a momentous occasion because Jeff Leach made a special effort to get back from self-isolation on Christmas Island.  His sea-to-air aqua-cruiser, designed and built in Marseille, aka Marseilles, capital of Provence, is testimony to French workpersonship, incorporating such subtle European features as a two-tone, triple-rinse washing machine, colour television with sound, and an indoor BBQ.
All this is by way of introduction to reminding you, gentle reader, of the Blessing of the Fleet on Friday 29 October, now but a short two weeks and something away.  (Please remember, there will be no lunch meeting on this day)
This Event is one of the highlights of the Rotary Year.  It is renowned for its annual Plethora of Untoward Incidents.  Ulrich astonished us all with the ease with which he walked on water, thereby giving a pretty good impression of an earlier account from the First Century. Larry has driven his catamaran into a wharf, Ivan has got lost, Jeff has sailed into a canoe full of tourists and, like the true gentleman he is, rescued them all.  Sign on now by clicking on this link - and letting us know if you would like to be picked up from the South of Perth Yacht Club at Applecross or the Flying Squadron  Yacht Club at Nedlands?  
We would hate to revert to those laudable 18th century tactics and send out a press gang to help you understand the benefits of voluntary enlistment.
In the meantime, it’s worth noting that our star-studded visiting speaker programme did exceptionally well in enlisting one of our members, Dean Smith, to speak, and speak he did very well.  Senate Secrets – well, some of them, anyway, were spilled and we were impressed with his integrity and genuine concern for the good ordering of parliamentary debate.
This coming Friday will be our 94th Annual General Meeting, which will give us opportunity to reflect on the past and imagine for the future.  Do come.  Also, David Preece will bring us up to date on the Australian Rotary Health programme.  Don't forget to wear your best Sunday Hat (or any other day of the week Hat) as our Sergeants Session will be devoted to raising funds for ARH - Lift the Lid on Mental Health Campaign.  
We are partners with Crawley Rotary in a dinner on Friday evening 22 October in aid of our eradication of Polio efforts. Keynote Speaker this year is Patsy Millett, sister of Robin Miller | The Sugar Bird Lady.  Patsy will share the legacy of the Sugar Bird Lady, a life of Service Above Self and her work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service during the second wave of Polio in the late 1960's.  All funds through ticket sales will be directed towards eradicating Polio in the remaining two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, through Rotary International's End Polio Now Campaign.  Your ticket includes a two course meal, drink on arrival and donation.  If you haven’t already booked, now is the best time to do it.
Congratulations to Kirstin, Ulrich, Wendy and Vangelis for being amongst the top respondents to my weekly quiz.  At least we know they read my mots extraordinaire (or should that be extraordinaires?) to the bitter end.
However, to wrench the solutions to these little teasers away from the Internet Solution, how about spading into a trench a little deeper – Who was the main character in Victor Hugo’s novel about a cathedral?   (Part 1).  And from whence or what was his name derived?
Your time begins now, except for Kirstin, who is embargoed for two hours before she can be let loose.
Good hunting.
Path of Hope invites all members & friends of the Perth Rotary Club to a Q & A Series on Healthy Relationships to be held at Rotary House,
Lv 5/110 William Street, Perth on Thursday 18 November and Thursday 25 November respectively.  These are FREE events, however your registration via the following link is greatly appreciated.  
The first in the Q&A Series focuses on a 'life working with victims/survivors of family violence' and presented by Sargent Darrel Hagan of the Western Australian Police Force and Kristy Staples, State Manager of the FDV Unit for the Salvation Army. 
The second session in the Q&A Series is presented by the Hon Judi Moylan AO and Professor Stella Tarrant.  This session focuses on strengthening women's economic security, leadership and prosperity. 
Friday 22 October - United Nations Gala Evening -  The evening will celebrate 76 Years of the United Nations, highlighting over seven decades of global collaboration to promote peace, security, human rights, development and our joint efforts to conquer some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.


News from the Membership Desk - Perth Rotarian Sagar Badve is currently on exchange with the Atlanta Rotary Club, Georgia USA.  Sagar has sent through an update below:

August & September Update
As I approach the two-month mark of my time in Atlanta, I wanted to take the opportunity to send out my first monthly update email wherein I share a few major highlights and new experiences.
Having previously visited Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, I thought I had a decent understanding of all things America. It wasn’t until I arrived in Atlanta that I realised that each city is truly unique. Atlanta and its people have treated me very well - so a huge thank you to Rotary members, from all clubs, and Atlantans that have afforded me many opportunities and experiences, thus far.
  •           Attended: Black Crowes concert, Atlanta United v LA Galaxy (Soccer), Atlanta Braves v Rockies (Baseball), University of Georgia v USC               (American Football); I didn’t realise tailgating started at 10 A.M. for a 7 P.M. game!
  •           Volunteered at the Peachtree City Dragon Boat Race.
  •           Spent a weekend down by a lake in McDonough; I enjoyed the sunshine and relaxation that came with the area.
New Experiences & Food:
  •           Blue Ridge Grill; the burgers were terrific, and it was nice bumping into other Rotary members.
  •           South City Kitchen Midtown; a stellar fried chicken dish.
  •           Baraka Shawarma Mediterranean Grill; an authentic Mediterranean place.  I am looking forward to trying more authentic and ‘home-cooked             meal’ type places.
  •           Waffle House; almost an ecosystem of its own.
  •           As I have some previously rowed, I joined the Georgia State University Rowing Team; we regularly practice at the Atlanta Rowing Club in              Roswell.
  •           Started interning, one day a week, for a company based at the Atlanta Tech Village.
 On a final note, I believe it is fair to say that the ‘Peach State’ has been an entirely new experience which I have embraced and am loving.  Sagar