Posted on Oct 19, 2021
Last Friday’s meeting was ear-marked as our Annual General Meeting, and all went well.

Traditionally AGMs get bogged down on the financial report and hours of questions and debate ensue with varying degrees of agitation.  But not so for The Rotary Club of Perth.  Joseph’s report was accurate, succinct, and a joy to behold.  Bottom line - we’re in good financial shape and well positioned to embark on serious funding of worthwhile projects. 
However, our disposable funding would be more disposable with more to dispose of, and an immediate salve to this challenge would be for us to expand our membership and improve our attendance at meetings.  Our membership is indeed expanding, as noted in the reports, and congratulations are due. However, if we could strain every nerve and commit to attending three out of every four functions, whether they be Friday lunches or Thursday evening soirees, we would be even better placed to offer more support to the causes we embrace.
Congratulations to John Garland for the most innovative hat worn in support of Australian Rotary Health (ARH) | Lift the Lid on Mental Health Campaign and a close runner up Jeff Leach.  All funds raised by Sergeant Larry will be donated to ARH and our thanks once again to our members for supporting this initiative .
David Preece spoke with conviction on the Mental Health initiatives with which he is involved and which we support and Emma Cork delivered a first-class presentation of our 2021/22 Strategic Plan.  What is exceptional about this Strategic Plan is that Emma has parcelled it up in a form in which it can actually be done.  It is a commonplace that 95% of Strategic Plans commissioned by organisations are never implemented.  Think with horror of the hours spent with an exorbitantly-priced ‘Facilitator’ dividing everyone into groups, then writing their thoughts on page after page after page of butchers’ paper, and $10,000 and 6 hours later that’s all there is to show for it.  Just having a Plan is the Outcome.  There’s no need actually to do anything.  Just having it is what counts.
Fast-forward to Emma.  Here is a Plan that hits the bulls-eye.  Four clear, straightforward areas -Membership Retention and Growth, Community Impact, Accountability, and Transitioning to a New World (I thought that was my area, but there you go!).  It is an elegant document.  Great job, Emma.  It’s something we can actually get stuck into.
Jill’s year as President was a triumph.  Her commitment and energy was noted and applauded.  The fact that much of her year was spent coping with difficult issues was never a deterrent for her.  She climbed back up week after week and unfailingly oiled the works so that the pistons kept turning.  On top of it all, she produced a Gala Yearbook which will stand for years as a testimony to her Presidency. 
Two items deserve your immediate attention. 
This Friday 22 October is the dinner in support of Polio eradication.
Keynote Speaker this year is Patsy Millett, sister of Robin Miller | The Sugar Bird Lady.  Patsy will share the legacy of the Sugar Bird Lady, a life of Service Above Self and her work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service during the second wave of Polio in the late 1960's.  All funds through ticket sales will be directed towards eradicating Polio in the remaining two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, through Rotary International's End Polio Now Campaign.  There is still time to sign up.   Your support would be very much appreciated.  Your ticket includes a two course meal, drink on arrival and donation.  If you haven’t already booked, now is the best time to do it.
The Blessing of the Fleet is scheduled, barring tempests, for Friday 29 October.    If you are in a querulous frame of mind, fear not.  The fact you may suffer from Negative Buoyancy Syndrome need not be a dissuasive.  All boats are fitted with life-jackets.  Please email Larry Hirsch to confirm your pick up point and boat.  Remember $10 for the skipper to cover fuel, BYO drinks and a plate of food to share. 
Even at this far-off point, do ink in the Path of Hope Ball on Saturday 21 May 2022.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.
The answer to last week’s puzzle was given by Ulrich.  The name of the main character in a book about a cathedral in Paris was Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Victor Hugo).  Quasimodo was derived from ‘Quasi modo’ - the opening words of the First Epistle of Peter, Chapter 2, verse 1, which is the Introit sentence of the Mass for the First Sunday after Easter - Quasi modo geniti infantes, alleluia. (As newborn babes …)
So that’s something new and startling for today.
It’s a bit troubling that only Ulrich got it.  Still – how about, since we’re thinking of Larry the Captain and The Fleet on the Open Seas - on which novel was the movie ‘Greyhound’ with Tom Hanks, based?   The American film studios couldn’t cope with the real name, so changed it to an animal that has nothing whatsoever to do with the sea. But that’s Hollywood.  Go figure. Oh, and who was the author, and what is the series of sea-going novels is he most famous for?
Path of Hope invites all members & friends of the Perth Rotary Club to a Q & A Series on Healthy Relationships to be held at Rotary House,
Lv 5/110 William Street, Perth on Thursday 18 November and Thursday 25 November respectively.  These are FREE events, however your registration via the following link is greatly appreciated.  
The first in the Q&A Series focuses on a 'life working with victims/survivors of family violence' and presented by Sargent Darrel Hagan of the Western Australian Police Force and Kristy Staples, State Manager of the FDV Unit for the Salvation Army. 
The second session in the Q&A Series is presented by the Hon Judi Moylan AO and Professor Stella Tarrant.  This session focuses on strengthening women's economic security, leadership and prosperity. 
Friday 22 October - United Nations Gala Evening -  The evening will celebrate 76 Years of the United Nations, highlighting over seven decades of global collaboration to promote peace, security, human rights, development and our joint efforts to conquer some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.