Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Last Friday’s meeting was a cracker.  For one thing, I’m slowly getting the hang of it.  Compering, that is. Pretty soon I’ll be out of those L Plates and graduating from Learner to Probationer. 
Richard Offen’s presentation was eye-wateringly brilliant.  So brilliant in fact, that Richard has agreed to return to the club in the not too distant future, for part two and enlighten us some more.  It was most illuminating to see what buildings were pulled down in Perth and what was built in its place.  We couldn’t help but feel that something was lost in the process.  Like style and beauty.  But still, it is what it is.
There is no lunchtime meeting this week.  Instead.....  

...... we have Thursday 22 July in our sights - 5.30pm to 7.00pm – when we shall gather to listen to our guest Tanya Brown present an overview of the Special Olympics Global Movement, the Perth 2027 World Games Bid to host the biggest humanitarian event in the world and what the opportunity means for us all.   Please go on line at to book your ticket 
Tanya is a director of Hardie Finance Corporation and Entertainment Enterprises, a business comprising commercial property and hospitality venues in Western Australia. A Harvard Business School graduate, she previously chaired the Special Olympics WA Fundraising Committee, a subcommittee of the WA State Sports Committee. Tanya was appopinted to the Board on 25 February 2020. 
The following week, Friday 30 July, we resume our Friday lunchtime experience with the sculptors Smith and Smith.  For this presentation, Charlie & Joan will share their thoughts on the creative processes linking art and commemoration, with particular focus on their National Memorial to HMAS Sydney II, Geraldton, presented as a visual narrative, with Power Point.

The relevance of this project is the fact that it was a huge undertaking by a very small West Australian Regional Rotary Club, in Geraldton.  Tickets can be booked on the following link 

Of special note is the inspiration and vision demonstrated by this small group, the end result of which, was the creation of an Australian National Memorial that has been voted, by Trip Advisor with 350 million members, in the top 10 of Public Icons to visit in Australia and number 12 out of 25 in the Pacific region.   Their talk will focus on the narrative of this amazing journey based upon the chapter they were invited to write by the editors of the book: 

“The Search for HMAS Sydney – An Australian Story.” Their chapter is Chapter 12: "The Rest is Silence…a Moving Memorial to Sydney’s Lost Souls.”

Do be sure to join us and feel very free to invite as your guests those who also might like to hear this presentation.
Please take note of the upcoming fellowship and volunteer opportunities, details of which are attached to this newsletter. 
PERTH ROTARY 2021/22 BOARD EMAIL - Our Next Board Meeting – Monday 2 August 2021
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