Posted on Oct 26, 2021
The Liquid Gold Polio Dinner held last Friday evening was an unqualified success.  President Leah of the Crawley Club was meticulous in her organisation and everything flowed along as gently as a river in the south.  Past President of Crawley, Karin Cable, endowed the MC role with style and flair and is clearly headed for a stellar career on the stage.  Patsy Millett gave a most moving account of her sister Robin’s incredible exploits as ‘The Sugar Bird Lady’, bringing much-needed relief and medical support to many in the daunting environment of the outback Kimberley regions.  Ron Geary also spoke of the trauma and challenges associated with polio, and of Rotary’s commitment to eradicate the last, but none-the-less deadly vestiges of this dread disease.

This coming Friday sees us on, as distinct from in the water, and the Fleet will be duly blessed.  I am in solid form, as I was involved in the Blessing of the Fleet at Fremantle last Sunday afternoon.  This involved me in saying a blessing as a huge procession passed by, replete with pipe band, statues, floats of waving people, bowers of flowers, police handsomely decked out in Italian-style uniforms, bishops, politicians, the mayor of Fremantle, the Italian Consul and more.
Which gives me an idea.  Maybe Larry can organise a procession like this for next year?  Along the shoreline, finishing up triumphantly at the Royal Flying Squadron.  Hundreds of Rotarians. All hoping to get on Jeff’s boat. We can see it now.  With a special Blessing, once aboard, of the kegs of beer carried in the procession on a special float.  We can only imagine, perchance to dream.
Our next Board Meeting is Monday 8 November.  We will be giving serious thought to our projects, our commitments to support needy causes, and the opportunity to have more of our members involved hands-on with furthering our outreach to the city and beyond.  A brief account will appear next edition. 
Do book in for Peter Kennedy’s presentation at our luncheon on Friday 5 November.  He is an erudite, astute and compelling speaker and has been commentating on the workings, even machinations, of the WA political scene for what seems like generations. This is a Must-Be-At function. Hie thee to Try-Booking now -  Please note the start time of 12.15 for 12.30.  We will also welcome three new members to the club on this day, details to follow. 
A question for Ulrich as, I suspect, he is the only member of our Club who reads this Great Tome through to The End.  
Who said, to whom, and about whom – ‘Hang him, baboon.  His wit’s as thick as Tewksbury mustard’.
Dalkeith Rotary Club are pleased to advise they have booked a theatre at the Windsor for an evening of Bond.
The date is Sunday 14 November at 6.15.  For a bargain $35 fundraising price each person also receives a raffle ticket and a bottle of water.  Funds raised will go toward our International causes we support.
Tickets can be purchased on line at Trybooking. Please use this link.
Path of Hope invites all members & friends of the Perth Rotary Club to a Q & A Series on Healthy Relationships to be held at Rotary House,
Lv 5/110 William Street, Perth on Thursday 18 November and Thursday 25 November respectively.  These are FREE events, however your registration via the following link is greatly appreciated.  
The first in the Q&A Series focuses on a 'life working with victims/survivors of family violence' and presented by Sargent Darrel Hagan of the Western Australian Police Force and Kristy Staples, State Manager of the FDV Unit for the Salvation Army. 
The second session in the Q&A Series is presented by the Hon Judi Moylan AO and Professor Stella Tarrant.  This session focuses on strengthening women's economic security, leadership and prosperity.