Posted on Mar 31, 2022
Dear Friends,
I’d like to emphasise the importance for us to do all we can to attend our Friday lunchtime meetings.  Of course there is Rotary Means Business and the occasional Thursday early evening occasion.  However, our Friday meetings remain at the heart of our Club’s life.

Yes, we have other calls on our time.  There are work commitments, reports to get done, interviews to attend, papers to get sorted out, footy tipping forms to fill in, cauliflowers to buy, cars to get serviced, lawns to get cut, hedges to get trimmed and so on and so forth.  And it’s not like it was twenty years ago when a good number of us worked on the Terrace and a visit to Rotary for lunch could be more easily fitted in.  Which raises another challenge for us.  Many firms and businesses now regard time spent at work as more valuable than any net-working possibilities a Rotary lunch might offer.  Still, there are ways.  If you want to leave the office for any length of time, just leave your coat over the back of your chair and a cup of coffee at the desk, and off you go. 
Actually, I’m not advocating this ingenious procedure, for that would be contrary to our 4-Way Test.  but I am saying urging you not to be so captive to your place of toil and trouble that you neglect the undoubted benefits of being in community with your fellow Rotarians.
Whatever hurdles we face every time a Friday morning comes around are worth overcoming.  Not least because those involved in projects can more easily sort out how we’re tracking and what needs to be done next when we can do it face to face.   And meeting together makes it a whole lot easier to get invited to get on board with a particular venture or enterprise.  Emails are very second best when it comes to communicating. 
Messages in print can get misconstrued.  Talking things through wins every time.  Face time is preferable.  Infinitely.
So – please book into our Friday lunches.  We need to keep connected, to share each other’s company and to keep each other in touch with what we’re up to in the Rotary scheme of things.
We’ve a few interruptions to our regular schedule, and I hope that won’t allow us to take our eye off the ball.  There is no Friday lunch on 1 and 15 April.  But there is a lunch on 8 April (Geoffrey Thomas – aviation expert) and then onwards and forever after, with the odd but infrequent interruption.
It would be excellent to see our attendance trend upwards.  
Thank you for your support.



Perth Rotary Business Lunch | Friday 8 April 2022 

Join us at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel for world renown, award winning author and commentator Geoffrey Thomas.

Thinking of heading overseas?  A not to be missed meeting.  Please book on line by clicking on this link


Perth Rotary Business Lunch | Friday 15 April 2022 | No Lunch Meeting - Easter Break

Perth Rotary Business Lunch | Friday 22 April 2022 | 

Join us at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel to hear Janice Standen speak on the struggles of Grandparents raising grandchildren.  Please book on line by clicking on this link
Across Australia, grandparents are raising, nurturing, and supporting grandchildren. They have become grandparent carers or ‘second time around parents’ for many reasons, and almost all of them are traumatic.  Domestic violence, mental health disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, death, or abandonment and in some cases sadly, the physical and sexual abuse of our children. This is the reality of what is happening across our country, in every State and Territory. Across ALL cultures and ALL socio-economic groups. These grandparents strive each day, working with all they have, to give these beautiful young people the start to their lives their parents are unable to.  

District 9455 On-Line Club Officers Technical Training | Sunday 3 April 2022

It's here!  The link to our Technical Training for Club Officers on Sunday 3rd April, commencing at 1.00pm.  
Please note, it is important that all club officers attend all sessions if possible.  As board members of your club and leadership team, you can support your club and fellow officers better if you have a good understanding of what is involved in each role, there is also a level of governance responsibility just by being a member of the Board.
This year our training will be together with club officers from D9465.  It is a great opportunity for us to work together as we work towards the formation of the new District on 1st July 2023.
See you there!
Ineke Oliver
District Governor Elect / Governor - D9455, 2022-23

Rotary Means Business| Tuesday 5 April 2022 | Duxton Hotel

We are delighted to present a Practical, 90 minute Fully Interactive Speed Networking Workshop with veteran networker Ron Gibson.  With three decades of networking experience under his belt, Ron will share time-tested tips to build relationships that lead to business. Ron is Australia’s leading professional expert on business and career networking. Looking to make meaningful connections, broaden your client base, and increase your sales revenue? This event is for YOU .... Please book your ticket on line -


Perth Rotary Club welcome new member - Professor Garry Allison to the club on Thursday 31 March.  Professor Allison was nominated for membership by Perth Rotarian Rebecca Tolstoy AM. 
Professor Allison is a values based individual who has a record of leadership and capacity building for individuals, teams and service systems.  Professor Allison has a strong understanding of risk, governance and ethical behaviours incorporating equity and diversity.  
With a strong and diverse record of accomplishment in innovative research, data analytics and original contribution to new knowledge, Professor Allison has built research capability across a wide range of individuals with  40 Doctoral completions and team development activities.
Professor Allison looks forward to contributing to Rotary and making a difference.  Welcome Professor Allison.