Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary.

Our Perth Rotary meetings are back!

From Friday 19/6 our much missed Rotary lunches at the Westin resume and I’m sure you are all looking forward to return to our usual weekly routine of Rotary meetings and Perth Rotary fellowship.

I’m glad that the unprecedented challenge of 2020, COVID-19 slows down in Western Australia and this allows our lives to return to normal mode and our Club to start the new Rotary year with enthusiasm and high momentum.

Our lunch meeting of 19/6 will be a very special one, signifying our strong come-back, and the last meeting for the current Rotary year on 26/6 will be a Presidents’ Changeover lunch! This year’s Changeover is not a night event, obviously due to the well known conditions but the new President and myself have agreed to host a big “Rotary party” when our lives return to the full normality, later.

Although, I will have the opportunity to give an overview of this year and to comment on its highlights, at this point I want to thank you and your families for all the support and commitment that you have showed to the Club. This Club is big thanks to you and the word “big” does not refer to the membership only but to the culture, the code of conduct, the long history and of course the bright future that embrace Perth Rotary.

As we are coming back to our Rotary routine, there are so many new experiences, words and phrases that we are using in our everyday language now:

virtual, normality, self-isolation, flattening the curve, N95, quarantine, respirator, Zoom and more.

These months for some of us were like taking a super intensive course which combined technology, medicine and social sciences.

Our challenge was to select a guest speaker for our very first meeting who would touch upon all these new experiences and he would project this learning into the future as an opportunity for economic growth. We didn’t have to look too far as the old friend of Perth Rotary, Mike Kyriacou has returned from the US and Silicon Valley and he is now based in Perth again. Mike is a guru of the new technologies but not in technical terms. He is mastering the application of new technologies in business and he facilitates capital raising ventures aiming to the commercialisation of innovations, inventions and new ideas that will make peoples’ lives better and easier.

Mike’s topic is: “Finding opportunities to the unicorn in the room”.

In this meeting we will also have a number of announcements to make but more details will follow soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in our Rotary lunch meeting on Friday 19th June at 12:30.

This meeting will be also broadcasted live through Zoom for our new friends around the world

Perth Rotarians and friends, welcome back to your Club!

Yours in Perth Rotary,

Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020