Posted on May 22, 2020

In Full Operation and With the Engines On!

Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary,

Some of you may think that your Club is in Rotary recess these weeks or months that everything moves slow.

However, in Perth Rotary the situation is exactly the opposite. Of course we have our ZOOM IN meetings but this is just the easiest to be seen.

From one side we have the current flow of activities that take place and on the other side we have the planning of the next year’s strategy and action plan that are thoroughly discussed among the new Board.

In the current flow I will remind you that Mike and Corinne Gurry have responded to the current travelling restrictions by shifting the focus of their fundraising activity from the House that Jack Built to the Rotary Herd of cows that can feed the poor Cambodian families. Every cow costs $1,000 and can feed 10 families. Our Club has raised already the money for 2 cows and there’s more to come. Please make your donations here:

In Cambodia Family Support, Helen and Vin Keanne are active too. Currently, there is a focus on water and sanitation due to last year’s rainy season which was poor and resulted in country-wide water shortages.  They are also working on a new village education centre project.

Our Past President Ray Della Polina is supporting a number of families in Bali whose income has been seriously compromised due to the COVID-19 effect on tourism and hospitality jobs. He has also made an appeal to our Club for a donation that would support the monthly meals of 50 families and our Club is in the process to proceed with it.

Past President Jeff Leach, follows the CEOs Sleepout for another year in support of the homeless. Jeff has raised more than $26,000 in the last 5 years only and he’s asking for our support:

Past President George Etrelezis is busy with the planning of the District Grants, while Past Presidents John Garland and Dr. Ken Michael are continuously providing their wisdom, mentorship and support whenever needed – and it is needed very often these days.

Past District Governor and Past President Phillip Skelton has been very busy with the District Committees and the Rotary Path to Peace while our District Governor Graham Peden has a great load of work to complete on District matters prior to the completion of his term.

Past President Larry Hirsch is very happy as he can play tennis again following the easing of the restrictions but he’s also very busy with Rotary Means Business for the new season.

Past President Nigel Barker celebrates today (Friday 22/5) the 65 Roses Day, national day of cystic fibrosis awareness raising. Send a rose to someone you care about at to show your support for children and adults living with cystic fibrosis in WA. The recipient will receive their rose via email and it will bloom in the 65 Roses virtual garden for everyone to see.

Past President Wesley Sim, after having spent an exhausting self-isolation time due to the long hours of working out at home, he has already started working on his new year duties as member of the Board.

Rebecca Tolstoy has been extremely active speaking in Rotary Clubs interstate through Zoom, speaking on the radio, launching videos and all these of course for her mission against the  domestic violence.

Manu Gupta is working on a very significant project that will provide much added value to the Club and its Directors. Details will follow soon.

Our President Elect, Jill Dawson is also busy planning ahead the new year with the new Board and making sure that we will all have a great new Rotary year!

As for your current President, he’s been writing this message to you while the clock shows one after midnight and after having booked earlier a few substantial names to speak in the ZOOM IN meetings of the coming weeks and organised a presentation at the Rotary Club of Cebu in the Philippines.  

I will ask to be excused by those whose names have not been mentioned and I’m sure there are many but please consider this brief update only as a summary of what’s going on in the background while our formal meetings have been suspended and everything in our city and the world moves slow.

We remain in full operation, with the engines on, while from the cockpit we are looking towards the runway and we are ready to take off again. We look forward to having you all with us in this trip!

Yours in Perth Rotary

Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020