Posted on Oct 30, 2020
At the commencement of this Rotary Year there was a request by members for more opportunities to experience a hands on volunteering opportunity with the club.  With this in mind we have partnered with the Perth Rotaract Club and our corporate members.  Wendy Campbell and Darren Perera, Club Services Director are now coordinating Perth Rotary Members' volunteer opportunities. 


  • Can You Help?
    • The Rotary Club of Heirisson are desperately seeking a location for the two eye contact storage boxes.  Do you have a warehouse, shed or garage that you are not using and where frequent access is possible? 
    • The boxes are about 2.20 metres long x about 1.20 metres wide x about 1.40 metres high. The boxes are quite heavy but are on wheels and can be pushed around on a smooth hard floor surface quite easily. The storage space would need to be dry.  The boxes are transported on a trailer, therefore, it would be good to just be able to back the trailer up to the boxes.  Ideally it would be better if the storage shed was in the central metro area rather than too far out in the ‘burbs’.
    • Please contact PDG Graham Peden if you can help.
    • GreenBatch volunteering ongoing
      • Location – 4 Brooklands Way. Mount Claremont.
      • Please contact Darren Perera – and him know what works for you.  Darren will organize a visit.
    • November 11 - Perth Rotaract Mental Health Wine and Cheese Night 
      • Place - Victoria Park (address will be on the tickets)
      • Time - 6:30pm
      • Contact - Perth Rotaract president Tara Sherwood,
    • November 12 - Heirisson Rotary Club hosting the 2020 Rotary launch of “Give A Feed”
      • This year we aim to create 2,500 hampers for families struggling to put Christmas meals on their tables.
      • "Give a Feed" involves 'wholesale' generosity. It is a fantastic way of encouraging corporate giving. It can be a great Christmas recognition of staff, customers, contractors and suppliers, family and friends. 
      • Bookings have closed for this event. If you would like to donate a hamper, see
      • Contact - Heirisson Club,
    • November 21 - Perth Rotaract Toothbrush Packing for the Kimberley Dental Team (KDT)
      • Established in 2009, KDT is a dedicated group of volunteer dental health professionals with a mission to enhance the services and improve dental health literacy in remote schools in the Kimberley region. When KDT first started providing dental checkups to children in the region 6 years ago, 40 per cent of children examined were in need of urgent dental attention. Since then, this has dropped to 10 per cent! For her incredible efforts, KDT founder, Jan Owen, was awarded WA Volunteer of the Year in 2015.
      • Place - Owen Homeopathics, Redcliffe.
      • Time - 10am - 1pm. 
      • Please being a plate to share.
      • Bookings - Perth Rotaract president Tara Sherwood,