Posted on Jun 14, 2020
The Prostate Cancer Foundation is launching it’s Every Man Can campaign as part of the Men’s Health Week (15-21 June).

Prostate Cancer Foundation has just launched their Men’s Health Week webpage, with Matt Hayden headlining the campaign.

Their big focus is getting people to TAKE THE QUIZ. Respondents who provide their email addresses will receive PDFA's Top 10 Tips booklet and Prostate Cancer Awareness Kit via EDM.

Please support them by taking the quiz as part of Men’s Health Week June 15 - 21. 

“Australias underperformance on men’s health is hurting our women and children as much as it is harming our lads and blokes. As part of the #EveryManCan campaign take action to inspire Australian men to step up, take action, support one another, and play as a team. Take their quiz and test your knowledge of men’s health in Australia!

You can win a FitBit just by taking part! You’ll also receive the Top 10 Tips to Men’s Health and prostate cancer awareness guide.”