Posted on Jun 21, 2020
Path of Hope was so fortunate to receive a virtual booth this year at the Rotary International Virtual Convention. 
The booth number is #439. 
Below are some of the information being and Special Events offered this year. 
The Special Events are zoom speeches on topics related to Family Domestic Violence. 
Looking forward seeing you all online. 
Feel welcome to share this with people you think might be interested in knowing more about Rotary and Path of Hope. 


Please sign up for these special events at our virtual booth | Free of Charge! 
Sunday 21 June
Monday 22 June
Tuesday 23 June
Wednesday 24 June 
Thursday 25 June
Friday 26 June
Yours in Rotary Service 
Rebecca Tolstoy AM
Founding Chair 
Path of Hope Foundation
Perth Rotary | Western Australia