This project has raised well over a million dollars, but we still need stamps!
Dear Fellow Rotarians
Some of you would know that, for many years by now, I have collected used stamps for charity. The system is like this, that friends and associates of mine collect used stamps for me, both from their personal mail as well from business mail. Ideally these stamps are still on the original envelopes, but any sort of stamps are also greatly appreciated. Once I have collected a few bags full, I bring them to the central collection point at the Rotary Club of East Victoria Park. They then send them to various homes for handicapped people, who carefully cut out the stamps, thus providing these people with a meaningful and helpful occupation. From there, big boxes full of stamps are sent either to Oxfam in England or the a Rotary Club in India. They, in turn, package the stamps into individual stamp packs and sell them to collectors or as souvenirs to visiting tourists. So far, this project has raised well over a million dollars, thus creating both local, as well as international benefits.
The thing is, that me, I get these stamps mostly from personal friends and colleagues, but only very few commendable RCP Rotarians have supported this very worthwhile cause. Surely, many of you could do much better? Therefore, please do keep your own envelopes; tell your secretaries, your business associates and/or other friends.
I do look forward to receive many relevant calls or e-mails, so that we can arrange respective deliveries or pick-ups. Many thanks Ulrich Kunzmann   (0413 835 760
ROP Stamps for Charity ON Today Tonight
A great story and a great example of how one person can make a difference in the lives of others through their support of Rotary programs. Betty Smith's steady support over 30 years is an amazing example for all. Well done Betty and well done Ulrich for your continued support of Rotary as well!