Posted on Aug 01, 2020
Perth Rotary Club Members along with Rotarians from Quairading, Subiaco and Western Endeavour Rotary Clubs planted trees 5km's north east of Quairading on Saturday 1 August 2020. 

National Tree Day helps us connect with nature by planting trees and shrubs to improve our natural environment, and in the case of Western Australia's wheat belt, to lower the water table and ensure that land remains productive.  National Tree Day was established in 1996.  Since that time, it has grown into Australia's largest community tree-planting and nature care event, Rotarians are proud to be a part of this day. Like so much of what Rotarians are involved with, the National Tree Day Program is a call to action for all Australians to venture out into nature, get their hands dirty and give back to their community. ​​​ 

According to the National Tree Day, Planet Ark information, "each year, around 300,000 people volunteer their time to engage in environmental activities that educate Australians about the world around them". 

With this program in place, the Quairading Rotary Club has been organising tree planting opportunities in the eastern wheat belt for a number of years now and this year, 2020, The Perth Rotary Club Members were invited to join with Subiaco and Western Endearvour Rotary Clubs to plant 7,000 trees.

The weekend began with a drive to the Greenhills Inn, 120kms east of Perth.   Greenhills was established in 1906 and provides a step back in time experience for visitors. After a delightful meal, a glass of red wine and a very comfortable sleep, Perth Rotarians ventured further East to the town of Quairading to plant trees.   

A very enjoyable day was spent planting a variety of salt resistant trees and bushes.  Energy was sustained with a typical country array of chocolate cakes, biscuits and billy tea along with a lunch of soup and sausage in a bun.  It is a focus of our club this year to provide hands on volunteering opportunities for our members and we look forward to growing member participation in this event.