Rotarian Ulrich collecting used stamps to help those in need.  
Wednesday 14 June, Rotarian Ulrich collected a car load of stamps and delivered them to Vin Nairn, the central collector for our District 9455.
Perth Rotary Club does not receive any direct benefit from the stamp collection, however, via the central collection agency for D9455, the stamps have brought approximately A$5000.00.  These funds are then distributed to charity organisations on behalf of D9455.
Some of the recent beneficiaries have been: 
  • -“Mama Responda” – school in Africa: $500.00
  • -RAWCS Bushfire appeal: $500.00
  • -Interplast: $500.00
Additionally, there is great benefit for residents of homes for people who have a disability.  
They are the first ones to get the stamps, and they cut them out neatly, thus giving them a very beneficial occupation.
After that the stamps go back to Vin, and he and his team arrange for them to be sold.
Perth Rotary Club thanks our member Ulrich for his vital link in the chain which has so many benefits along the way in helping members of our community feel valued and knowing they are contributing towards others in improving their lives.  Not just here in Western Australia, but internationally also. 
For more information contact Ulrich Kunzmann (0413 835 760