WA Governor Kim Beazley has been warmly welcomed by Perth Rotarians after accepting an invitation to become Patron of District 9455.

At a special function last week to celebrate the occasion, Governor Beazley spoke to an audience of more than 85 Rotarians about the importance of volunteerism and the positive impact that Rotary has in the community.

He referred to some economic indices and statistics revealing that in the near future Western countries, including Australia, may not be able to provide the same level of support to those in need relying more and more on volunteers.

District 9455 is made up of 48 clubs in the Perth region and has almost 1200 active members as well as 150 honorary members. There are also five Rotaract clubs, four Interact Clubs and two Early Act clubs.

District Governor Graham Peden thanked the Governor for becoming Patron of Rotary District 9455 and said how important it was for organisations like Rotary to have the Governor’s support.

“Even the date of this official announcement will be hard to forget - 20/02/2020,” he said.

Perth Rotary President Vangelis Katsaitis said it was wonderful motivation for Rotarians to have the support and encouragement of the WA Governor.

“The amazing work Rotary does for those communities in need – here and abroad – is mind blowing,” he said.

“From helping victims of domestic violence to building houses for homeless families in Cambodia and providing shelter for Perth’s street kids are just some of the initiatives Rotary undertakes.”

Mr Katsaitis said some years ago former WA Governor, Ken Michael, became a Perth Rotary member.

“Having access to his wise counsel, his enthusiastic support and his amazing network of community leaders has been invaluable,” said Mr Katsaitis.

“With Governor Beazley now putting his shoulder to the Rotary wheel we feel even more can be accomplished.”