I was surprised how quickly members were able to come to the fore with updates on their respective projects when time was made available. Jacques, with the help of Kirstin, was very quick to organise an alternative program with a line-up of speakers ready to stand in for the guest speaker who was unfortunately unable to present at the last minute. While initially concerned that there may be insufficient content, we found ourselves very quickly running out of time. Many members expressed a wish to see more meetings run in this format. So we shall look into that.
A couple of updates on members…
Michael Edgerton-Warburton is away on a long holiday. So we shall be missing his contribution to the Rotary Singers at this year’s changeover.

Rebecca Tolstoy and the Vocational Training Team are back from California and were straight back to work at the Path of Hope Gala Ball fundraiser in support of the work of The Salvation Army in Perth.

Ash Ladner’s foot is healing well but he’s “not quite doing cartwheels yet”.

Dick Cook sounded good when I spoke to him this morning. Unfortunately, he got the message wrong with the initial number of sessions for chemotherapy. So there are a couple more sessions before his review, the next session being this Wednesday. He doesn’t get out much at the moment due a lack of energy during treatment. So drop him a line after Friday when the energy zapping effects of this next session wears out a little and he’s in a better state to talk.

Barry Thornton’s travel back to Perth was delayed last week and we hope to see him well enough to travel this week. He will be checked straight into Royal Perth Hospital on arrival.

My daughter is back from her honeymoon along with her husband and I’ve got a rather crowded house again for the next few weeks until their apartment is ready for moving in! Mum’s very happy, but perhaps it’s because we’re only at Day 1 and the inconvenience of shared facilities between the newlyweds and an untidy brother isn’t yet apparent.

The Very Revd John Shepherd is expected back from his duties as “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Personal Representative to the Holy See” around early August. His current title is twice as long as that. So I’ve abbreviated it, you should see a picture of him with the Pope.

Finally, it was great to welcome Mike Kyriacou back from the US and I hope to see him back as a member of Perth Rotary very soon.

Yours in Rotary,
Wesley Sim - President - Perth Rotary 2018/2019