Thanks to all those who attended to support "End Polio Now". 36 Rotarians and friends gathered for the private screening of the movie The Farewell to raise funds for the End Polio project. 
Palace Cinemas at Raine Square is brand new and the intimate cinema of only 50 seats made the screening quite special. As it was a private screening the movie started dead on 3pm which caught a few unaware as there were no ads or previews. The movie showcased the importance of family connections and the difference in culture of different countries and how growing up in different part of the world can form ones perspective on traditions but also how spending time in different countries can help people connect and better understand each other's cultures. On a personal note I suddenly felt how far away my family is and how life can take it's turns at any given time. I'd like to send a thank you to District Governor Graham for taking the initiative to organise this event and also a thank you to the board and especially Secretary Darren for helping out with the bookings. Last but certainly not least a thank you to Carley for doing a great job with the flyer.
Jonas Edner - Fellowship Chair - Perth Rotary