Posted on Sep 03, 2019
Fellow Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary,
"A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" –
Louis Pasteur.
Throughout the history of wine, strongly linked to the history of human beings, there are numerous times we find wine as a source of inspiration. In Perth Rotary we never needed wine to get inspired but last Friday at the Meet the Winemaker evening, it was the exceptional wines of  Michael Kerrigan that brought more than 45 members and friends together at the Adelphi Bar & Grill at the Hilton.
This wine tasting event was the evolution of the small wine tasting gatherings that our Club used to organise in the past and they were kindly hosted at the hospitable homes of some of our members.
This year we decided to open up to more members and guests and our invitation was accepted with enthusiasm. 
It is not a coincidence that we have a social event themed on the wine. The wine is the ingredient of Western civilization through religion, medicine, science, war, discovery and arts. For thousands of years wine mixed with water was the key ingredient of medications and the antiseptic properties of the alcohol it contains saved lives. Wine was also associated with many religious rituals some of which survive today especially in Christianity.
All this “magic” that hides in a bottle of wine was generously served by the “Wine Maker” last Friday but for us this was only an opportunity to get together with the current members, upcoming members and Rotarians coming from interstate and overseas.
We were extremely happy to meet Robert and Donna Carricato who came all the way from Ontario, Canada representing the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie. Similarly we welcomed Dr. Sulastry and her husband from Taman Club, Bali who came with their interstate friends.
The biggest success of the night though was in the conversations taking place among the members. All the discussions were about projects and it was so inspiring to hear so many ideas and to see the enthusiasm in the air – probably with the aid of that fine wine…
As I was going from group to group I was keeping record of the ideas and the conversations for future use.
So, Ashley Whitworth with David Wee and Jill Dawson were discussing about membership and Greenbatch. Rhonda and Eddie with Bruce Henshaw were discussing about Youth and later about their travels.
Jeff Leach about homelessness and later about next year’s Great Bonfire night. Kathy Kusinski about the Kimberley Dental Team and Mercy Care. Helen and Vin Keane with David Reed were talking about Cambodia Family Support and about Passages of course. Passages was also the topic that was discussed between Ashley Ladner and Brendan Watson till Rebecca Tolstoy joined their group and the discussion shifted to Path of Hope.
The above names are only a small sample of the many different groups of members who were discussing with passion about the Club’s projects and activities.
A topic that no one mentioned in these discussions was the guest speakers. Perth Rotary being a leading Club, never stops looking for the best speakers and especially in the coming weeks there’s a list of Leadership speakers coming up.
On Friday 13/9 at the Business Breakfast at the Hilton, one of the most innovative disruptive technologists in Australia. Con Michael. The Australian Government Innovator of the year 2017, the Australian Engineering Excellence Winner 2018 and the Australian Outstanding Engineering Achievement Winner of 2019. Con will present to Perth Rotary the Smart Torch: a world-first affordable ultra-portable 2 way video conferencing tool to reduce the gap in delivered services for disadvantaged communities worldwide for medicine, Justice and Education.
On Friday 20/9 at the After Business Cocktails at the Hilton, we have the launch of the Vienna Pops with Mark Couglan.  This year we are re-launching the VIP experience.  Imagine yourself walking the red carpet as you attend a  pre-concert cocktail party, a glass of sparkling and a view across the lights of the Perth City Skyline before being escorted to your seats in the lower gallery to listen to the Vienna Pops Orchestra and star of the show, Perth’s very own Amy Manford just returned from London’s West End.  VIP tickets can only be purchased by approaching Marco Camer-Pesci or Jill Dawson and are limited to 100 only.
On Thursday 26/9 at the Family Buffet Night at the Hilton, Very Rev. Dr John Shepherd AM will present in his vibrant and characteristically entertaining way his days at the Vatican, following his appointment as the Interim Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See.
On Friday 4/10 at the Perth Rotary Lunch, Celia Hammond MP (Curtin Division), past Vice Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame will present “Politics & Celia Hammond”.
On Friday 18/10 at the After Business Cocktails at the Hilton, Alan Linney founder and director of Linney’s Jewelry will present the “Linneys success story”.
Before these dates though, there is our Perth Rotary tradition of the 4 Way Test Speaking Competition at this Friday’s lunch. Emilia, Alana and Grace all from Mercedes College will compete in public speaking.
I’m sure you will all agree with me that this fresh “Perth Rotary” blend is unique for its taste, aroma and character. I’m inviting you all to taste it and to let it drive you to new and exciting destinations that will change your life! Cheers!  
Yours in Perth Rotary,
Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020