Crown Towers Perth
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Burswood, Western Australia  6100

We proudly announce the return of the Path of Hope Annual Gala. If you enjoy great food, engaging and magical performances and a strong sense of community spirit, come and support this year's event. As always, our Gala is a celebration of the triumphs, strengths and resilience of the Victors of domestic and family violence, and a way for us to come together in support of those around us.

As you may know the theme of the last few Gala Balls have centred around young ladies that have risen above adversity – Cinderella and Phantom of the Opera.

The Swan Lake theme we are focussing on is where the community gathers around to protect Odette. The following words from Rebecca may help explain this better.
"The ‘Ballet en Pointe’ of Galas is once again reached by the 2019 annual Path of Hope Gala
The Swan Lake’s ballet performance by Odette as she battle to reclaim her identity is undeniably moving, with the highlight of the scene, when Odette experiences first-hand the sense of strength and resilience encouraged and supported by the community when she is surrounded and protected by the members of her flock, as a metaphor of our community as we stand up for victims and victors of family and domestic violence, today, tomorrow, and the day after that, as long as it takes. We are here, We believe you Odette!

“I have tailor made the choreography for the carefully chosen ballet dancers, whom will perform The Swan Lake for the very special Path of Hope Gala guests this year. The performance has all the elements of classical ballet with a seamless nuance of a modern take, assuring to have encompassed the legend, the fairy-tale but also emerge these human dreams and features in to a real-life story and as a reflection of our own lives. Love of which everyone dreams, the trial of temptation, the wrong choice, shame, forgiveness and the victory— all of which has a place in the world today.
Now, in times of local and international uncertainty, we need hope! Hope for a happy end. Which so many victors from our local community and around the world provide us, as they lead by example, living free of family and domestic violence, demonstrating to us they are victors, strong and resilient, there is a life after power and control, there is HOPE. There is life!” - Suzanne Arrigo

Every year since the inception of the Path of Hope Gala in 2016, the theme has carefully been designed to in the most respectful and dignified way conveying the message of HOPE to inspire people, family and friends effected by family and domestic violence to see, feel and a sense of knowing that we as a community, together as we connect, we build peace in the home and our local community. Only through collaborations between organizations like Rotary, Salvation Army, private enterprise, governments and other NGO’s, can we break the intergenerational cycle of family and domestic violence, together we support victims during their time of need as they transition to victors.

Dress - Formal/Black Tie

On Saturday 18 May 2019 at 7:00pm


Crown Towers Perth
Great Eastern Highway, PERTH , WA 6100


Ticket Prices:

First Release (Limited Tickets Available): $235
Second Release: $250
Whole Table Price (Limited Whole Tables Available): $2250


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