Duxton Hotel Ballroom
Perth, WA  6000

Perth Rotary is a Corporate Member/Partner of the UNAAWA and the UNAAWA is also supporting the Rotary Path to Peace Project of the Club under the UN Banner.

Graham Peden, our new District Governor, is also a strong supporter of the UNAAWA and both of our NFP organisations have much in common in terms of objectives.

During the Rotary Year 2019/20 Rotary is celebrating 100 years Anniversary while the UN celebrates 75 years. Rotary and Rotarians have been part of the development of the UN Charter in 1946 after WWII. I also understand that our Rotary International President is celebrating and this partnership between Rotary and the United Nations.

As we are celebrating this special UN Day on October 25th, we would very much appreciate that many of our Rotary Colleagues in our District will attend this great and meaningful event.

As Perth Rotarians are members of the UNAAWA the special members price is applicable. 

Perth Rotary Members Pay the member rate of $85/pp. 😁

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