A focus outside the immediate community, the International Service Committee looks at projects requiring support to strengthen the world community and build international links with other Rotary Clubs: 
These projects focus on providing education, health and water sanitation.     
Updates on the Rotary of Perth projects listed below may be found on our latest newsletter.

The House that Jack Built

The visit includes completing the construction of houses for some very poor families in Cambodia and witnessing the before and after of a Rotary funded aid project.
Each house costs $1,500 which is raised by The Rotary Club.

Laos Water & Sanitation

The object of this project for WA clubs is to reduce poverty in three specific MiVAC nominated and district government approved villages (where the mines and UXO have been cleared). WA clubs will help to provide economically sustainable and self maintainable:
Phase 1
Clean safe drinking water supplies
Sanitation and health improvements by helping to pay for and teaching how to build toilets
Phase 2
Skills training and advice for provision of future self help economic development programmes such as:
Making clay water filters
Growing fruit and vegetables for selling 
Providing expertise and advice on keeping bees for honey production, and
Future fish farming installations.

Cambodian Water & Sanitation

Supporting key projects in Cambodia via direct grant and/ or district special grant to provide sanitation and clean water in one of our poorer neighbours. Two of our members are very active in the region supporting charity involvement and managing the projects for the club. 

Nokor Tep Women's Hospital

Women’s Hospital in Nokor Tep, Cambodia, is one of the latest approved projects that commenced construction last August. There is currently no special women’s service or facility’s; this will be a first for Cambodia.  
 The Rotary Club of Perth is in partnership with the Tabitha Foundation. The Rotary Club of Perth will be involved with the fund raising aspect.

Cambodia Family Support - Flood Recovery

In October 2013, Cambodia Family Support (CFS) was very grateful to receive financial support from private donors including members of Rotary Club of Perth.
Generous donations allowed CFS to provide an emergency relief to 2279 families who were seriously affected by flood disaster last October 2013

Shelter Boxes

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity started by Rotary,that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide. Often the first support to reach disaster affected regions across the planet, Shelterbox provides shelter and cooking facilities to those that have lost everything.


Interplast provides free reconstructive surgeries for the poor and builds year round medical access in under-served areas.  
 The Rotary Club of Perth financially helps by having fund raises, holding various events and by gathering gold coin donations from Rotarians through out the year