The Rotary Club of Perth has members from many of WA's leading businesses and organisations. We all share a passion for making a difference to both the local and international community, through high profile fund raising projects such as The Great Bike Ride, Vienna Pops and Convicts for a Cause. In addition to supporting international programmes such as the worldwide irradication of Polio and funding Shelterboxes for disaster relief, we get involved closer to home with our Passages project, various youth initiatives, along with the provision of sanitation and clean water to disadvantaged communities in Cambodia. 

As the oldest Rotary Club in WA, Perth has many past projects to be proud of, including;
UWA Medical School: Memebrs were instrumental in lobbinying and raising the funds to estabish WA's medical school.
Passages: A drop in centre for young people living on the street, passages offers the chance to maintain some dignity, through cleanliness, access to social and legal services.
Cord Blood Bank: Instrumental with other WA Rotary Clubs in getting this multi-million dollar project to fruition, it is due to open next year for the benefit of all. 

The Rotary Club of Perth gets involved in larger projects that need a broad input from senior people to make them work. It is about having and being at the heart of the community, while using our experience to make a difference. 
Of course it is also about networking and as the largest Rotary club in WA, we find plenty of opportunities for social gatherings, such as Wine Tastings, Blessing of the Fleet & Passages Race Day to name a few.