Posted on Apr 24, 2020
Australian Rotary Health are trying to raise $ 200,000 for Mental Health Research during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

We fully realise that many Rotary Clubs have lost their income stream, and many members' income is of grave concern to them. Thus we are asking if members could reach out to their networks - in case Companies, individuals, philanthropists and others can help us. In this time of crisis - Mental Health research is arguably more important than ever.

There is donation link below, and please remember - 100% of any donation will go to Mental Health Research

Company or Individual donations are Tax Deductible.

With very best wishes - please take care and stay safe - Jerry Pilcher | Australian Rotary Health Western Region Director.

Australian Mental Health Researchers
Need YOUR Help During COVID-19


It has become clear during the COVID-19 pandemic that looking after our health – particularly our mental health – is more important than ever.

With social distancing rules in place, many of our supporters across Australia who would normally raise thousands of dollars towards mental health research, have been forced to postpone and cancel their fundraising events.

We can see that this virus is affecting our mental health tremendously. Therefore, continuing to support mental health research to learn how to best support our communities when unexpected events like these occur, is crucial.

We ask that you please consider donating to mental health research today to help Australian Rotary Health #Liftthelidonmentalillness in these uncertain times and ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

We have set a target to raise $200,000. Any dollars towards this will be greatly appreciated.

Please share this link with your family, friends and social networks.

Thank you for your support!