Perth Rotary has been involved with Cambodia Family Support (CFS) since 2008. CFS works to improve quality of life for marginalized rural poor children and families in northwest Cambodia. CFS helps communities and villagers access education, clean water, better sanitation & hygiene, income-generation, social protection and self-reliance.

Cambodia Family Support (CFS) is now in its 12th year of operations in northwest Cambodia, Battambang and Pailin Provinces. This area shares a border with Thailand and the rural population consists largely of subsistence farmers (often landless) and agricultural workers. It is one of the poorest areas in the country. Scattered villages have poor infrastructure and limited government services.

CFS Director Dr Eng Samnang lived through the Khmer Rouge terror that murdered his father and three siblings. He has a strong commitment to help poor rural Cambodians. He and 14 field staff travel (most often by motorcycle) continually visiting remote rural villages to implement the CFS program.

Over many years CFS has developed an incremental approach to addressing poverty. Interventions focus on providing access to schooling for children, housing, clean water, sanitation & hygiene, income-generation, self-reliance and social protection.

1. Self-Help-Groups (SHG) are established in poor rural villages to promote a communal and democratic approach to problem solving.

2. CFS staff undertakes a detailed investigation of issues prioritised by the SHG.

3. CFS staff discusses with community leaders and villagers how best to address the problems. Specific issues are prioritised according to urgency or relevance to the village safety and security.

4. A plan of action is developed and implemented.

5. CFS staff provides mentoring, monitors progress and evaluates results.

Cambodia Family Support Summary of Main Achievements 2018 – 2019 (2 year program cycle) Pailin Province and Rattank Mondul & Kamrieng Districts in Batambang Province

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the involvement of Rotary!

Drinking water filter for a land-mine victim and his family