For Perth Rotary Members on Facebook:
We have created a relaxed "private" area for members to stay in touch and post about how they are going, or anything else they would like to be in touch with other club members about.
We want to use this page to interact socially as a club while we all struggle to get through the Covid-19 crisis together.
Suggestions might be:
  • How about people post pictures from past activities to brighten up our days.
  • Post pictures of your "new" isolation activities.
  • Things to help make us, smile and laugh, or stories to inspire us.
  • The list is endless really, just use your imaginations...
  • We will get through this together.
We look forward to you accepting the invite to join, and we look forward to your posts!

The Group is Private to Join (only open to members of our club), but publicly searchable, so that you can find it to join:
"Perth Rotary | Our Club | Members Only Group"
If you are on Facebook and are yet to receive an invite to our Private Group - please check your Facebook notifications.
If you still don't see your Invite, please contact either Wes, Darren P, Ashley W, or Kirstin, and we will help you to join.