Posted on May 08, 2020

Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary,

I need to start this week’s newsletter with my excitement about our Club having so far purchased 2 cows for the Buy A Cow initiative that will provide food to the poor Cambodians. These 2 Perth Rotary cows will be feeding 20 families! Let me remind you that:

One cow can feed 10 poor families in Cambodia and costs $1,000. Our Club aspires to raise money for 10 cows to feed 100 families and to name this herd, the Perth Rotary Herd!

(Please donate here:

Special thank you to Candy People and Jonas Edner who “bridged the gap” last night and from 1 cow and 1 quarter, he took our Club’s score straight to 2 cows! Candy People imports and distributes high quality candies and chocolate form Sweden and they recently launched very successfully an online store: (hard to visit their store without ordering something….).

If you want to know why it is important to support this initiative and achieve our goal of 10 cows for the Perth Rotary herd, please watch Mike Gurry’s presentation of last week about Cambodia:

On Thursday evening our ZOOMIN meeting started as a fellowship virtual dinner and ended as a brainstorming session with so many good ideas for the Club!

If we had a cooking competition tonight, I think the first prize would go to Giuseppe Pantano, our culinary artist who presented a table full of Mediterranean food temptations as an ensemble with a bottle of Prosecco.

There are more virtual meetings coming up but on this note, I would like to ask for your attention in saving the dates of 20-26/6/2020 for the 2020 Rotary International Virtual Convention which will be virtual for the first time and available to everyone. Details to follow soon.

Also, the every successful fundraiser of Cystic Fibrosis became virtual too and you are invited to buy a rose online by visiting to buy and send a rose to someone you care about.

Technology has taken over in the world of charity too and has created efficiencies by also providing convenience. We are all happy that Western Australia has been scoring zero new COVID-19 cases for so many days and we look forward to going back to our normal and usual Rotary rhythm. However, we should be grateful for the experience this challenge will leave behind: Appreciation for the isolated part of the world we live in: our beautiful Western Australia, mindfulness for our health and wellbeing, more time spent with our families, the necessity and importance of physical exercise, the need to keep ourselves always familiar with the new technologies.

Let’s make ourselves available for those in need these days and stay active as Rotarians by communicating on a daily basis with the other members through our phones or our computers. Also, Facebook has a new page for the Perth Rotary members only and you are welcome to join and start sharing.

I look forward to seeing you virtually in one of our next ZOOMIN meetings!

Yours in Perth Rotary

Warm regards

Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020