Members & Friends of the Perth Rotary Club,

Being a member of any Rotary Club is a privilege, Being a member of the Perth Rotary Club is a JOY!  What a week!!
I urge all members of Perth Rotary and friends of Perth Rotary to please be vigilant and wary of scam emails which are once again doing the rounds and may appear at first glance to be originating from our club.  Please check the email address behind the name, if it looks suspicious please delete.  No member of the Board of Perth Rotary will request members to purchase gifts on behalf of the club. 
"Life of Bryan, 90 Years of Service".   A reunion of sorts last Friday as members, past and present gathered at The Westin Hotel to celebrate the Life and 90th birthday of PP Bryan Mickle.  There was a genuine sense of comradery as Rotarians came together, laughter and story telling being the order of the day. 
Fellowship amongst Rotarians is not new - it formally began in 1928 when Rotarians with an interest in the language of Esperanto came together to learn the 'constructed language' designed to facilitate communication among people of different languages.  PP John Garland AM, did not need to resort to the language of Esperanto, rather he was able to provide an overview of Bryan's formative years, family and business career highlights including being the forerunner of the youthful brigade as President of REIWA 1968 - 1970.  Thank you to all those members who joined us, particular thanks to PP John Garland AM, Sergeant Larry Hirsch, Darren PereraJacques Phillips and Kirstin, who's combined efforts all contributed to a great meeting.  Thank you to Michael van der Zanden for once again filling the role of Perth Rotary unofficial club photographer.  More photos are available on request or can be downloaded from the Perth Rotary facebook page. 
It was wonderful to see the Fellowship Committee meeting immediately prior to lunch last Friday. ably led by Chair Jo Morris.  On behalf of all members, I thank those who gave of their time to attend this meeting so as to be able to plan events for the rest of us to enjoy. 
As a first up fellowship event for the 2020/21 year, the Annual Family Bonfire Night, Saturday 8 August did not disappoint.  The club is indebted to Helen and Jeff Leach who each year go above and beyond to ensure that all Perth Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary Club have the opportunity to share in a magical night.  We start with a feast of BBQ delights, followed by the "almost lighting" of the Bonfire.... (one metre can make or break you!), thankfully Jeff came to the rescue and then to finish with a night of dancing.  Room on the dance floor was at a premium, The Perth Rotary Band, The Rotars did not disappoint with a bag of talent on display led by talented Perth Rotary Members,  Ashley Whitworth - bass guitar, Brendan Watson - lead guitar, Jo Morris - vocals & rythm and Ashley Ladner - drums.   Paul WeltonMartin (Doc) Purcell and Jim (JJ) Jordan completed the ensemble and we sincerely thank each and every one of the band for not only their time last Saturday, but the many hours spent in rehearsals in the lead up to the event.  
(Photo credit Bruce Henshaw, Nicola Johnston and Amanda Matthews).
This week we welcome Lee Musumeci, Principal Challis Community Primary School as our guest speaker.   Lee is a pioneering Principal with a reputation in WA as a leader in education.  WA Primary Principal of the year - 2010, Australian Primary Principal of the Year - 2011.
In 2015, Ms Musumeci was named in the list of ‘100 Most Influential West Australians’.  A finalist in the Western Australian of the Year Awards  - 2019 and was inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame during that same year.

Lee is passionate about child development and the importance of building a strong foundation in the early years to improve outcomes for children, especially children from disadvantaged families. Lee is delivering an excellent standard of education that supports students to achieve results equal to, or above state norms. Challis provides high quality education, alongside innovative programs and services, which cater to the needs of each individual child and their family. 

"At Challis Community Primary School, we are driven by a relentless desire to create opportunities for every child in our community. Opportunities that inspire big thinking, opportunities that provide choice, opportunities that lead to a healthy life style and opportunities that create belief in a bigger, brighter future. The Challis Story is one of positivity, optimism and strong leadership.” Lee Musumeci

A speaker not to be missed and of interest to all Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary.  Please feel free to invite business colleagues, educationalist, community members to this meeting.  Please rsvp via our paperless post invitation or direct to our club services email ( if you would like to join us.  Lunch is $55/pp and payable at the registration desk on the day.  

Please visit the Perth Rotary page - for details of our speaker program.  The Program Committee have been meeting regularly via zoom and working to provide a variety of speakers and networking opportunities to club members.  Should you have a particular interest you would like to know more about or share with members, please provide details to Nicola Johnston, Program Chair.  Nicola's email is

Other events you may be interested in outside of our club:

Rotary Means Business - District 9455 

Crawley RC Dinner with Dr Jenny Brockis - Thriving Post COVID-19. 

Blue Sky Travel - Friday 11 September - Sunday 13 September 2020.     

  • ROC BlueSky   The location for BlueSky 2020 is Kalgoorlie! Located in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia, Kalgoorlie Boulder is situated 590 kilometres inland of Perth. The name Kalgoorlie is derived from the Wangai word Karlkurla, meaning "Place of the silky pears". Kalgoorlie Boulder is Australia's largest Outback City with a population of more than 30,000 people. Here you'll find a modern and vibrant city with the largest urban centre in the Goldfields region and the fifth largest in Western Australia. You are guaranteed to uncover a wealth of treasures set against a backdrop of some of the world's best architecture.
Melville Rotary Club 

President:                  Jill Dawson     
Past President:         Vangelis Katsaitis
President Elect:        Rev Dr John Shepherd AM
Treasurer:                  Joseph Wambua
Secretary:                  Jacques Phillips
Rotary Foundation  Emma Cork     
Club Service:           Darren Perera 
Fellowship Chair:    Jo Morris               
Media Chair              Barry Thornton
Speaker Program     Nicola Johnston
Membership              Ashley Whitworth
Vocational                 Jonas Edner   
Community               David Wee      
International             Wesley Sim     
Youth                         Kelly Gibson   
At the commencement of this Rotary Year there was a request by members for more opportunities to experience a hands on volunteering opportunity with the club.  With this in mind we have partnered with the Perth Rotaract Club and our corporate members.  Wendy Campbell and Darren Perera, Club Services Director are now coordinating Perth Rotary Members volunteer opportunities. 
  1. GreenBatch volunteering ongoing
Location – 4 Brooklands Way. Mount Claremont.
Please contact Darren Perera – and him know what works for you.  Darren will organize a visit.
  1. Red Cross Soup Kitchen volunteering – with the Perth Rotaract Club– needs registration at this link:
  1. Sept 5 – Toothbrush Packing for Kimberley Dental Team
          Location – Owen Homeopathics, 443 Great Eastern Hwy. Redcliffe.
          Time – 10am to 2pm
          RSVP –   Numbers are limited.
  1. Sept 26 – Sandwich making for Perth Homeless Support Group
          Location – Perth Rotary office 110 William St.
          Time – 10am to 12pm   
          RSVP –  Numbers are limited.
  1. October 11 – Mullaloo Beach Clean up for those living North of the River in conjunction with Joondalup Rotary
Location – Mullaloo Beach near the surf club, register at the sign in desk near the carpark.
          Time – 8:30am, do as much as you can.
          RSVP –