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Jill Baker: Author Feb 22, 2019 12:30 PM
The Horns : Britain’s last colony – Rhodesia to Zimbabwe
The Horns : Britain’s last colony – Rhodesia to Zimbabwe

The known history of Rhodesia from the coming of the Matebele Kings in 1840 to the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965 forms the basis for the development of fascinating historical fiction – particularly when debated and discussed, agreed and disagreed by four young school leavers – one white girl and three black boys.

Jill Baker was born in what was then Southern Rhodesia and brought up in the Matebele heartland of Tjolotjo and Nyamandhlovu.   It was also the historical heartland of the Matebele Kings as they established their reign over every existing tribe from 1840 to 1890.   At this point, Cecil Rhodes formed the British South Africa Company, gaining both mineral rights and settlement to the northern area of the country, Mashonaland.   Matebeleland remained relatively untouched, until three years later, when in 1893 the Matebele King Lobengula was defeated in battle. 

It is against this dynamic historical background that The Horns has been written, with the increasingly divergent lives of its players coming into focus as the childhood playmates become ever more unsympathetic and hostile to each other.

It is a story of the best and worst of British colonialism brought to life through the fresh arguments and characterisations as the character and background of each player develops. 

Rhodesia was the last of Britain’s colonies – but the story is absolutely intriguing for anyone living in any of her one-time colonies, for the changing perceptions of what was, to what is.  Today, the prevailing wisdom of judgement and disdain of colonialism is examined in the light of modern interpretations of what was and what is deemed should have been.

Jill Baker has developed an intriguing fiction around the historical fact to debate and unravel the history. With many years as a broadcaster and public speaker, Jill’s talks are hotly debated and always remembered.

Jill Baker Biography

Jill Baker spent her childhood years in Matabeleland before moving to Mashonaland at the age of 14. From school she studied music at the Guildhall School of Music in London, while doing a business administration course.

Marriage to a tobacco farmer meant their lives on the farm ended shortly after UDI and Jill and her family moved to Salisbury where she worked for the next 15 years as a journalist, news and documentary presenter and producer in radio and television. She also opened her own business, Jill Baker Associates, in public relations and marketing.  Due to the increasing guerrilla war and an increasing role to be played by the women of the country, black and white, as the men were called up or husbands voluntarily joined the guerrilla groups or the Rhodesian African Rifles, Jill was instrumental in forming Co-Ord-A-Nation designed to help women cope.

On moving to Australia in 1983, Jill managed a radio station for five years, before opening her own business in consultancy to the tourism industry. 

When the farms were taken by the government of Zimbabwe, Jill formed The Zimbabwe Connection to help farmers find positions and therefore visas in Australia.   In 2005 she was awarded the Order of Australia for her work in this regard.

Her first book, Beloved African told the story of her father’s life as a headmaster in African Education from 1936 to 1966 and went to three editions. Beloved African and the Horns are available as print copies or e-books – and will be produced as author narrated audiobooks in the new year.


Chris Douglas Mar 01, 2019
Transnational Organised Crime Risk to Australia
Transnational Organised Crime Risk to Australia

The session will briefly focus on the threat of transnational organized crime to
Australia in particular from drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering, human trafficking
and people smuggling and how international organized crime infiltrates the legitimate

Chris Douglas a former Australian police officer who served for 31 years with the
Australian Federal Police (AFP), where he worked in intelligence and operational units
initially in Sydney and later in Perth. He was involved in or managed investigations into drug
trafficking, people smuggling, human trafficking, corruption, organised crime and fraud,
particularly tax evasion. He has extensive experience in the investigation of money
laundering and in the conduct of financial investigations including the tracing and
recovery of funds laundered offshore.

Since 2015, Chris Douglas has been a consultant to the United Nations Office on Drugs
and Crime in Nigeria where he has engaged in capacity building of local law enforcement

Chris Douglas holds a Bachelor of Business Degree (Accounting) from Edith Cowan
University in Australia, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management and is a graduate
of the 73rd Police Management Development Program from the Australian Institute of
Police Management. 

In June 2012 Chris received during the Queen’s Birthday Awards, Australia’s highest
police honour, the Australian Police Medal (APM), for distinguished service in the field of
investigations and management of economic crime and special operations and for the
delivery of financial investigation training within Australia and overseas.

Christina Matthews - WACA CEO Mar 08, 2019 12:30 PM
International Women's Day - Women in Leadership
International Women's Day - Women in Leadership

Join us for this special lunch & hear from one of Australia’s truly inspirational women.

Tickets $45 includes 2 course lunch
Booking essential at www.trybooking.com/BARUM

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Christina Matthews is Chief Executive Officer of the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) and a former Australian cricketer.

Christina is one of only three women in the world to hold the position of CEO of a first-class cricket association and is a well-respected voice within the Australian cricket community. She brings with her 27 years’ experience in various management roles within cricket organisations, including seven years as General Manager Commercial Operations at Cricket NSW and roles in coaching and development.

Join us for this special lunch & hear from one of Australia’s truly inspirational women.

Tickets $45 includes 2 course lunch
Booking essential at www.trybooking.com/BARUM

Pia Turcinov Mar 22, 2019
“Future skills in a new digital world: How to enable and inspire the next generation” by WITWA
“Future skills in a new digital world: How to enable and inspire the next generation” by WITWA

Change has been a constant throughout history, but unlike previous “revolutions”, the new digital dawn we are experiencing is a seismic shift with a rate of change, complexity and scope never seen before. Advances in technology are transforming every aspect of our lives, from the way we work to the way we communicate and access services. Women in Technology WA (WITWA) focus heavily on the themes of industry and organisational transformation, technology trends and workforce diversity. Part of this conversation requires us to consider how to best champion the skills future generations will require to be able to fully participate and make the most of the opportunities the jobs of the future will present to them.

As a Perth based, not for profit network organisation WITWA is a proud champion of diversity and equality for women in technology, with a mission to promote and encourage the entry and retention of women in roles within the technology and STEM industries.  This presentation will provide an overview of effective programs implemented to shift the dial, enable and inspire.

Pia has been a member of the Women in Technology WA Committee since 2014 and held the role of Chair for the past 2 years. Managing a portfolio career, Pia holds a number of positions which are connected through a common focus on the opportunities which innovation, disruption and diversification offer.

Aleasha Sanchez - Data Breach Legislation Mar 29, 2019 12:30 PM
Data Breach – Legislation and its Implications
Data Breach – Legislation and its Implications

A presentation on the importance of privacy legislation awareness in business, specifically with a focus on Notifiable Data Breaches. Complying with the law, protecting the business and effectively implementing preventative measures are all essential actions.

Aleasha is a law student at the University of Western Australia. She holds an undergraduate degree in Law and Society, and is currently completing her postgraduate degree – a Juris Doctorate of Law. Aleasha works as a Legal Assistant at Veritas Group, which is an issuing body for background checking services and identification cards. Thus, she has experience in the realm of privacy legislation, sensitive information and data breach control. 

Dr Jaap Poll May 17, 2019 12:30 PM
“A cool look at global warming – applying the 4-way test”
“A cool look at global warming – applying the 4-way test”

The Climate conversation has been hijacked – we are either “believers” or “deniers”, while most of us don’t know what there is to believe or deny.  Most politicians believe that we can control global warming by emitting less CO2 – is this so? Should we deny India our cleaner coal than the coal they use?  Does rise in CO2 give rise to warming or is it the other way around. As a Geoscientist I want to talk about the past to understand the present.


Jaap Poll was born in the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia and as a toddler, was interned with his family in a Japanese prison camp. Jaap completed High School and University in Holland. Jaap has a PhD in Structural Geology and joined Shell. He worked and lived in Central America, the Middle East and Europe before arriving in Melbourne in 1969. When Shell wanted to transfer Jaap to Nigeria, he joined Woodside in 1973.

In 1980 Jaap and family moved to Perth and has worked in Australia, PNG, Thailand, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina, Italy, Russia, the North Sea and the last 16 years extensively in Turkey.

Jaap acquired degrees in Arbitration and Mediation from the UNI of Adelaide and has been an active Rotarian since 1992 in PNG. He has been President 3 times in different Rotary Clubs. His hobby is researching climate change through the eyes of a Geoscientist for the last 10+ years

Andrew Liddawi May 31, 2019
Break the Boundary - Adaptive Off-road Cycling and Trail Walking Hub – Perth Hills
Break the Boundary - Adaptive Off-road Cycling and Trail Walking Hub – Perth Hills

Perth-based and founded charity, Break the Boundary is developing an Australian-first Off-road Disability Access Hub, right here in the Perth-hills. The project is focussed on helping people with disabilities, families and people living with daily challenges enter and experience the outdoors while integrating with local trail walking and cycling groups. The project has been managed by 100% volunteers, collaborated with over 10 local community supporters, raised over $12,000 in sponsorship and $30,000 in pro-bono costs. Break the Boundary will present on the projects final stages as it nears completion and wants to give local community groups and businesses the opportunity to be part of history!

Up to the age of 23, Andrew’s story is typical for a young adult growing up in Perth, Western Australia. Having graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science (Security) and Engineering, life was about to take a nose dive.
Shortly after landing a graduate position with one of the worlds leading engineering consultancies, Andrew relocated to Brisbane and started his new career and life. It didn’t take long for Andrew to find his feet in a new city with new colleagues and friends.  His adventurous spirit and love for nature took him from one outdoor thrill to the next. But, it was this desire to feel alive that would also see his life flipped up-side-down during a mountain biking accident in late 2008 which left him paralysed instantly from the waist down.

Stuart McAlpine Aug 09, 2019
Why and how to promote a new regenerative business model in the Wheatbelt
Why and how to promote a new regenerative business model in the Wheatbelt

Regenerative Agriculture is an ecological approach that allows the landscape to renew itself but also regenerates the businesses and communities that engage with that land (both economically and socially).

Stuart will report on how the wheatbelt is performing economically, socially and on the land and environment we farm. There is fresh regenerative approach to doing business in the Wheatbelt. 

Stuart is a fourth-generation farmer who owns and manages a 5,000-hectare farm at Buntine, Western Australia.

Stuart is co-founder of the Liebe Group, one of Australia’s premium grower groups, and was its inaugural President in 2007. He has extensive experience in research, extension and strategic development of agriculture in Australia.

Stuart instigated the Regional Repopulation Plan with the Shire of Dalwallinu in 2010 and Chaired the Regional Repopulation Advisory Committee (RRAC). He sat on the Perth Working Group Committee associated with the RRAC as deputy Chairperson. The program has led to an increase in population in Dalwallinu by around 15%.

Stuart has expert knowledge in soil and regenerative agriculture practice and his efforts in natural resource management saw him honoured as a Soil Champion in the International Year of Soil 2015 and then added to the Regional Natural Resource Management Leadership Honour Roll in 2016 by the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council in Western Australia.

Stuart has also been part of the team that has seen the first four return regenerative agriculture company in Australia become listed on the ASX. Stuart is non-executive Director of Wide Open Agriculture Ltd.