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Christina Matthews | CEO Cricket WA Oct 06, 2023 12:15 PM
Howzat!! WA Cricket
Howzat!! WA Cricket

Our thirty plus days of ‘good sports’ moves from America’s Cup sailing Champion John Longley, and West Perth footie player and Olympic commentator Basil Zempilas, latterly Lord  Mayor, to the CEO of WA Cricket, Christina Matthews.

Christina played cricket for Australia for 11 years, and is the most capped female test player holding the record of the most dismissals by a wicket keeper.  Now CEO of WACA since 2011 she is one of only three women in the world to hold a position in first class cricket. A proven and courageous leader, she has redefined the WACA.

Ask your questions on October 6th, Christina is ready.

Parmelia Hilton | 14 Mill Street


JJ Miller | West Australian Jockey Extraordinaire Oct 20, 2023 12:15 PM
Hall of Fame - Jockey, Trainer, Raconteur
Hall of Fame - Jockey, Trainer, Raconteur

John James Miller, the only jockey to have won the triple crown. The Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup and Sydney cup.  The horse, Gallilee. 


Born into the famous multi-sporting family of Miller’s, Neesham’s and McManus, JJ rode more than 2,200 winners in Australia, plus overseas in England, Mauritius, Ireland, and Singapore, where he won the Singapore Jockeys Premiership.  Returning to Australia, the Adelaide Premiership and then dominated the West Australian Calendar.  Always booked to head East to win the big races for Colin Hayes and Bart Cummings.


Well known for his support of Jockeys worldwide, meant ‘discussions’ with the stewards.

Legendary trainer Bart Cummings said of his legendary Jockey ‘an unusual bloke, a good rider. They travelled well for him’.  ‘A masterful jockey who could coax and kid horses to rise above themselves’.


In time for the Melbourne Cup 2023, ‘Hall of Sport Fame’, JJ Miller, could give you the winning tip.

Parmelia Hilton | 14 Mill Street

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Addheka | Aid Projects of Mercy, Cambodia Oct 24, 2023 6:00 PM
Surviving Polio and the Khmer Rouge | Reconstructing Phnom Penh
Surviving Polio and the Khmer Rouge | Reconstructing Phnom Penh

In April 1975, a 14-year-old Cambodian girl had only just learned to walk, having contracted polio as an infant. She became part of the forced evacuation of the entire population from the city of Phnom Penh. Her father had 24 children and three wives. Within days, the family was scattered. For much of the next four years, Addheka was alone, surviving unusual hardship and witnessing the fanatical, irrational, murderous reality of the Khmer Rouge regime. 

When it all miraculously ended, Addheka returned to Phnom Penh to seek out surviving family members. With a positive attitude, she became part of the reconstruction effort of the city working in a major hospital, before becoming a language teacher and Principal soon after. Today, Addheka runs the Aid Projects of Mercy for the very poorest of children in Cambodia. 

Come & hear her story.... whilst raising awareness of the continued efforts to eradicate Polio.


Perth & Crawley & Dalkeith Rotary | Polio Dinner 2023

Perth Parmelia Hilton | 14 Mill Street, Perth

Tuesday 24th October




Cost: $90 per person

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David deVos | Documentary Award Winner Nov 03, 2023 12:15 PM
Remembrance Day Reminiscences

Parmelia Hilton | 14 Mill Street

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College Students | Kagoshima, Japan Nov 17, 2023 12:15 PM
Japanese Cultural Exchange

Honouring the spirit of Remembrance Day just past, join us to enjoy a talk and performance from a group of college students from Kagoshima, Japan (sister city to Perth). They come to Perth for 5 weeks for an English/ Homestay programme in November,  accompanied by the College President, Mr Toru Minami, who is a keen Rotarian, member of Kagoshima East Rotary Club. This year there are 28 students coming to Perth, aged 17 to 25. They look forward to  presenting a speech and a short cultural performance.

Venue: Parmelia Hilton | 14 Mill Street, Perth

Booking: TBA